Thursday, May 19, 2016

Charlotte's Birth Story Part One

My dearest sweet girl Charlotte,

Your birth was such an amazing and LONG AWAITED day.  I’m going to start with the lead up week before you were born…
With your big sister, I was induced during my 37th week so I never dreamed that I would carry you PAST your due date.  That whole last week leading up to Saturday (the 20th of February and your due date) I was pretty miserable.  I had tried everything to get things moving.  Walking around the block, physical exertion, teas, honey, spicy foods... anything that the internet suggested, I tried it.  And nothing worked.  You weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I resigned myself that you were going to come out when you were good and ready and that there was nothing that I could do to speed things along.  During my doctor’s appointment that week I found out from one of the doctors that I COULD HAVE BEEN INDUCED TWO WEEKS EARLIER.  That’s right.  In my 38th or 39th week I could have had you.  However the doctor I saw in my 37th week never thought to mention it or schedule anything so all of the spots were full in labor and delivery.  I was pretty mad.  Partly because I was sooooo miserable and partly because I wanted to see you and hold you.  At my 39 week appointment, I was still only 1cm dilated and the doctor scheduled me to be induced on the following Tuesday (the 23rd).  As you well know by now, we never made it to that date since you ended up with a birthday on the 22nd.
     My birthday was Wednesday the 17th.  I kept thinking that you would come and maybe we would share a birthday! Nope.  Mom, Derek, Joe and I went to Firebirds for dinner.  It was my 30th birthday.  I laughed because so many people I knew had huge things like trips, parties, etc for their 30th and I just wanted to go to sleep and have a baby!  Thursday and Friday drug on.  I was still working.  My plan was that Friday would be my last day at work if I went into labor over the weekend.  If you DIDN’T come, My last day would be Monday.  On Friday I finished up loose ends, cleaned up my desk and left early (again.. because I was miserable).  Saturday was your actual due date and I spent all day wondering if I would go into labor.  Nope.  I went and got my nails done with Mom and we kept it pretty low key around the house.  On Sunday I was mentally preparing myself that I was going to have to go back to work on Monday.  I REALLY did NOT want to go back.  I was done.  I was overdue and miserable. happened.
Around 2pm I started not feeling so great…
By dinner time I was in bed, feeling pretty nauseous.
By 630pm I was stuck in the bathroom with the full fledged stomach flu. 
Sitting on the toilet while clutching our trashcan.
It. Was. Horrible.
I maintain that I have never been that sick in my whole life. It was “Pray to Jesus, Lord please kill me” horrible.  I would no sooner crawl back in bed than I would have to get up and run back to the bathroom.  I tried to drink a sip of water and eat a cracker.  It did not go well.  Around 9pm Derek called the OB on call since I was so sick, so pregnant and so miserable.  The doctor advised me to try to sip Gatorade.  I wanted to reach through the phone and punch her.  I knew how bad it was and how dangerous it can be to get dehydrated whilst pregnant, especially over 40 weeks pregnant.
Hung up the phone, continued to be deathly sick all night long.
Monday morning I had a regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment.  I literally got out of bed, put shoes on and went in my pajamas.  No brushed hair, no makeup, NADA.
  I had to take a bag with me in the car since I was still periodically vomiting.
(side note:  I went through a checklist every time I went to the doctors office leading up to 40 weeks.  Shave, makeup, hair done, etc.  This was the first appointment where literally none of those things happened.  I looked homeless to be honest.)
Each appointment since week 36 I was put on the monitor to check on your heart rate (non-stress test).  A couple of times you were sleeping (low heart rate) but you usually perked back up pretty quickly.  This time your heart rate was too fast and too erratic.  Apparently mine was too fast as well.  Pretty quickly the doctor whom I was seeing that day sent us over to triage at Labor and Delivery.  It was explained that your fast heartbeat (and mine) were likely due to me being dehydrated from the stomach flu.  I was put on a monitor and started on IV fluids.  Dr. Maddison was seeing me in triage.  She explained that she was giving me fluids, but however, if your heart rate didn’t get more stable we would need to consider going ahead with a c-section.  The other options (being induced or going home) would depend on HOW stable you became once I had the IV fluids.  I was scared at the idea of a c-section and started praying that your heart would stabilize so that we wouldn’t have to do it.  
A lot of people were praying for you actually.
After about an hour, Dr. Maddison came back to check on things.  She told us that your heart rate was more stable, which thankfully meant we weren’t looking at an emergency c-section.  She said that she didn’t know if your heart rate would stabilize enough for me to be sent home but gave us the choice of waiting to see what happened or going ahead and being induced (since I was scheduled for the next day anyways).  We eagerly chose to go forward with an induction.
Part II coming soon..

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