Thursday, January 7, 2016


     I started writing this post right after New Years.  Then I deleted it.  Now I am re-writing it.  I wanted to focus on only the good things this year and skip over the bad.  But I couldn't do it.  Bottom line: 2015 was a damn hard year.  We went through such a roller coaster with selling our house and Mom's house, moved twice and spent a lot of the year living out of boxes with our belongings in storage.  We started the process of moving when we found out that we were pregnant with Charlotte but I don't think any of us had ANY idea how difficult the process would actually be, both physically and emotionally.  We also went through so much with Dad this year.  Mom and the family made the very difficult decision to move Dad into an Assisted Living Facility early this year.  Sadly and after several very hard weeks dealing with the facility and Dad, he ended up being taken to the hospital and placed under Involuntary Commitment.  From there he was eventually moved to an inpatient psychiatric unit.  After his first release from the hospital he went to a different assisted living facility (this time MUCH better) but only for a few weeks until he was back in the hospital due to behavioral issues.  He was readmitted in September and is still there today.
     The selling and buying and moving and Dad stress combined with a somewhat difficult pregnancy made for a long and very tough year.  Now that we are moved and working on getting settled I am hoping that we are in for a more stable 2016!  The final move to the new house was exciting but has also been a huge adjustment for all of us.  We are looking forward (and nervous as well) for the arrival of our second daughter in January/February!  We still have a garage full of boxes and we don't have the new nursery set up ( it is still in guest room mode from the holiday's) but we will get there, slowly but surely. 

So 2016 we are ready for you! 
No idea what this new year and new season of our life will bring but I know we can accept and tackle whatever challenges may come our way.