Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Newborn and Family Photos

For Cecelia's photos we focused only on her but with Charlotte I wanted some of only her but also of her and Cecelia and the four of us.  Heather Lauffer did an AMAZING job with our pictures and was so easy and fun to work with!  I highly recommend her if you are in the Raleigh area and are looking for a photographer!

Charlotte's Birth Story Part Two

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Once we all agreed on induction, the nurse moved us pretty quickly from triage to a labor and delivery room which was awesome! The room was huge and the bed was MUCH more comfortable.  Derek was very happy to be able to sit in a recliner, he had been pretty miserable sitting in a tiny hard chair for several hours and he was also sick by this time as well.  
(Let me add, this sickness started with Cecelia on Thursday/Friday, Joe and I got extremely sick on Sunday, Derek got sick Sunday night/Monday morning and Mom got sick later in the week. 
  It was clearly a very contagious illness!)  
     We were in a corner room that had great huge windows.  This was a far contrast from the room I had when I delivered Cecelia which was teeny tiny, uncomfortable and cramped.  Dr. Maddison told me I could take a shower and get cleaned up before they started the induction.  That shower was amazing.  After being up sick all night and all morning, I REALLY needed a shower. 
 It really helped relax me and mentally prepare for birth.


After the shower we met again with Dr. Maddison.  At first she was going to start my induction with a foley bulb catheter, which is what I had when I delivered Cecelia.  I started getting very anxious because the catheter was quite painful.  I think I probably almost had a panic attack.  My heart rate and blood pressure got higher because I was SO dreading having that done.  Dr. Maddison came and checked me and THANK THE LORD I had dilated one tiny centimeter and was now at 2cm dilated.  She decided that since this was my second delivery we could skip the foley bulb catheter and instead just start with Pitocin.  
     I was so very relieved and immediately felt more relaxed.  We started the induction around 5pm.  I was on the Pitocin for at least an hour and still had not felt any serious contractions.  The monitor didn’t show that I was having contractions either (it never did the whole delivery).  During this time, our doctor switched from Dr. Maddison to Dr. Chancellor.  I had never met Dr. Chancellor as she only works part time for the OB office but when I met her I liked her very much and felt like we were in good hands. The Doctor decided to go ahead and break my water to see if things would get going.  Boy did they!  
Pretty quickly after my water was broken I started having contractions (still not showing up on monitor).  Within about 45 minutes the nurse could tell that I was ready for my epidural.  Again, I was getting nervous.  My first delivery with Cecelia I had some major problems with the epidural not working and had to get two of them and was also in excruciating pain.  We had an AMAZING delivery nurse named Rebekah and she had a student nurse with her who was also wonderful. 
  Derek left the room for the epidural and mom stayed with me
 (you can ask your Daddy why he had to leave the room J).  
     The procedure went well and I laid back down waiting for the medicine to kick in.  Unfortunately, It really DIDN’T ever kick in.  Much like my first delivery, the nurse gave me the maximum amount of medication through the epidural and I was still feeling the contractions which were becoming stronger and stronger by the minute.  Our (wonderful) nurse was very proactive about getting the anesthesiologist back in to check on the epidural.  The anesthesiologist came back and decided we needed to do ANOTHER epidural (cringe).  Once again Derek left the room and Mom stayed with me.  I was having a really hard time holding still on the edge of the bed because my contractions were so painful.  Once the second epidural was in, I was feeling relief within minutes.  Unfortunately all of the medicine dropped my blood pressure too much and I had to get another medication to stabilize it.   My legs were completely numb and I couldn’t move anything below my waist.  
The poor nurses had to dead lift my legs to move them as I couldn’t feel anything in my legs. 
     Right after the second epidural the nurse checked my progress and I was 5cm dilated.  However they were really having a hard time getting your heart rate to show on the monitor (still not showing any contractions) so the nurse went to talk with Dr. Chancellor about doing an internal monitor.  The doctor came in and decided to check me again before inserting the monitor.  She checked then said “well the reason the baby isn’t on the monitor is because she has dropped! You are at 10cm!”.  I was shocked.  Not 2-3 minutes before I was only at 5cm.  I guess my body really needed the epidural to help relax me and get things moving.  
Derek was asleep.  
Yep. Fast asleep.  
     The doctor and nurses left to get ready for delivery.  They brought in all the equipment and got my legs into the holders so that I could push.  During this time I yelled at Derek that he needed to get up because we were having a baby!  I think he was just as surprised as I was!  I asked the nurse for a mirror as well.  I felt like I missed out on seeing my baby being born with Cecelia and I didn’t want to miss it with you.  The nurses still couldn’t see my contractions on the monitor so they felt my belly for contractions.  With each contraction I pushed.  Within probably three contractions you were here!

  My whole labor with you only lasted about six hours.  
They placed you on my chest and you were so dang beautiful. 
  I was SO happy to see you and equally SO happy to not be pregnant anymore!

Your cries sounded EXACTLY like your sisters.  It was so bizarre!  We kept commenting on it.  I held you and we tried breastfeeding which you were quite good at!  Your Daddy stood with the nurse as she cleaned you off, weighed you and checked you out.  Once I had held you, Derek and Mom both took turns holding you, looking into your eyes and holding your fingers.  You were perfect and we all marveled at you and your blonde hair! 


Within probably an hour and a half we were moved to our post-delivery room.  I wish we could have stayed in the delivery room!  Derek stayed all night until the morning.  We dozed off and on but not very much because of all the excitement of your arrival!  
In the morning, Mom brought your big sister to meet you.  
Cecelia was pretty immediately interested in you and started giving you kisses.  It was really the sweetest thing.  The hospital photographer came during that time and snapped some great pictures.

You also met your Nana, Papa, Uncle Beau, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joe

 Mom stayed with you and I in the hospital that night.  It was a rough night!  You woke up almost every hour crying and would only calm down with breastfeeding (very painful!!).  I accidentally fell asleep with you in my arms and got scolded by the nurse.  
I really hadn’t slept since Saturday night and since it was now Tuesday night I was beyond tired! 
     Wednesday was our discharge day.  Mom went home in the morning and I waited for Derek to return.  There was much talk about dangerous severe weather on Wednesday.  The nurse came in and shut all of the blinds in the room and told us that we were to keep them closed.  The rain was pouring and it was very very windy.  The weather man had predicted a high probability of tornadoes that day.  I was anxious to get you home before anything like that started.  When Derek finally got back to the hospital he was drenched with rain.  Somehow though the rain stopped when we got you to the car and were driving home (and picking up Panera for lunch). 
  Thankfully nothing terrible happened that day and we got you home without any issues.
Thus began our lives as a family of four (or five counting Mom). 

Charlotte my girl you are everything.  You have the sweetest disposition.  You started sleeping through the night by three weeks old! (Thank you VERY much for that!).  You have brought so much joy to our lives already.  Seeing you with your sister melts my heart.  You and I are quite close and I love seeing you look for me and smiling when you find my eyes.  I love that you are a Mama's girl!  

You are truly loved beyond any measure.