Tuesday, October 20, 2015

House Building Update: How we ended up with a "New" New House!

     Just as we were starting to lose hope that Mom's house would not sell in time for us to close on the new house, we got an offer last Friday the 16th and they settled on terms the next day.  HOORAY!  One giant problem off our shoulders!  We had all refrained from driving up to Wake Forest and visit our house because we didn't want to get our hopes up if Mom's house never sold.  So Saturday we celebrated the good news by driving up to Wake Forest to look at our house.  All cabinets were in, paint done, floors done, fixtures in, etc.  It was really taking shape!  Two houses down from us there is another NextGen model that we had not seen before so Mom and I popped in to take a quick peek while Derek and Cece spoke with the Lennar agent whom we have been working with.  Mom and I had toured a model of this style but never considered building one because there were none near completion when we signed our contract. 
     After walking through the new model for a few minutes both Mom and I were saying over and over again how much we liked this house.  I said "hmmm I wonder if we can switch to this house!"  Joking.  Kind of.  Then Mom told me to call Derek and have Derek come look at the house and ask our agent the price of this home.  I think Derek was a bit shocked when we called him but he came over and also really liked the new home.  PLUS it ended up being 350 more sq. ft but 20k less than the home we had been building.  After about an hour of walking and looking and re-looking at this new house, the model and then our house we decided that we wanted to move forward with this new style home.  We signed the contract yesterday and are beyond thrilled!  The layout for Mom is much more to her liking and she has an extra room downstairs to use for her sewing room/guest room.  There is also an additional full bath upstairs so both kids will have their own full baths.  We are SO excited and should be moving on November 25 (yes, the day before Thanksgiving..ack!)

Our "New" New House

It should be noted that I have a history of doing this whole "last minute change thing".  When we were buying my car, I had decided on a Ford Focus or something like that.  They were detailing it and we were waiting to sign the paperwork.  All of a sudden I said to Derek "No, I don't want this car".  He of course looked at me like I was crazy since we had been working this car deal for several hours.  I told him I couldn't drive a car, I needed an SUV or Crossover.  Car dealer also got mad but whatever if we are buying a car, it needs to be the right one.  Hence how I ended up leaving the car dealership with a Ford Escape.  Poor Derek. When this house thing happened he said
 "I should have known."

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