Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Home Building Update

     Whew! Lots of happenings!  Derek and I listed our house on a Friday and were under contract with a buyer by the end of the day on Monday.  Things moved pretty quickly!  We have the inspection and all the negotiating that goes with it behind us (thank the good Lord above).  Our realtor was truly a rockstar in helping negotiate the terms.  The appraisal was today so barring anything crazy happens we plan to close on our home on August 21st.  From there we will move some of our things to Mom's house and the rest into storage.  THEN we have the task of selling Mom's house (gulp).  Our mortgage has also been conditionally approved which is another huge step towards the finish line for us.  Sadly now we are working with the mortgage underwriter which is truly another circle of Hell. 
     We are also officially under contract with Lennar on our new home and groundbreaking just started!  They sent us pictures today of them pouring the footers for the house foundation.  Very exciting!  Dad is settled into an Assisted Living in Wake Forest and it will be so nice when we move and will be right down the road from him.  My commute is going to be a beast but it's worth it for all of the advantages that this move will bring for our family. Here are the pictures that we got today.  This is major progress to us since we are used to seeing an empty dirt lot!  Several houses on nearby lots are framed and even have siding on them so it seems that it will move quickly!  We should be set to move in in time for Thanksgiving!
Last Week: Foundation
Pouring footers for house foundation

Pouring footers for house foundation

This week: Foundation and Framing


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