Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Home Building Part I

     Let me start by saying that besides planning a wedding, this is the most stressful thing I have been involved in in my life.  Things started off easy enough.  Derek and I were casually looking for a home with more square footage, Mom was looking to downsize to a townhome.  However, with our budgets, neither of us were finding anything we really liked.  Last Saturday Mom sent Derek and I a link to Lennar NextGen homes.  Within 30 minutes, Derek and I were pretty much sold on the idea.  Not having to pack the kids up every morning to go to Mimi's house? Check.  Getting enough square footage to accomodate our growing family? Check.  Upgrades and choices galore? Check.  Great locations? Check.  Great schools? Check.
     This literally seemed like the perfect solution for our family.  Derek and I would have our own space and Mom would have her own space but we could come together when we wanted to or needed to.  Plus the homes were gorgeous.  We started last Sunday just doing a drive by of a Cary neighborhood that the internet said offered these homes.  We decided to run in and tour the model and talk with the on-site realtor.  Sadly the neighborhood in Cary had sold all their lots so we wouldn't be moving there anytime soon.  However, about 45 minutes north in Wake Forest they were getting ready to build two NextGen homes so we headed up to check it out.  We met with the agent onsite who was SO helpful, knowledgable and nice.  This was great!  We saw the site of the two homes and decided that day that this home was something that all of us wanted to pursue.
     Then things started getting tough.  And really stressful.
 It turned out that in order for us to enter into a contract with the builder, Derek and I would need to have our home on the market and under contract with a buyer.  After much back and forth the builder was willing to contract with us with only one of our homes on the market and write a contingency for Mom to sell her home before closing.  One hurdle down, plus we only now need to be able to qualify for our part of the mortgage.  Second hurdle: selling our house.  Thankfully we have only lived in our house for a little over a year so the amount of stuff we have accumulated is smaller than usual.  Derek and I worked for a week straight from the time we got off work until we went to bed packing things away and cleaning like we have never cleaned before.  Tonight we meet with the realtor.  I didn't even think we wlould break even on our home sale.  Enter me doing math like magellan to figure out our cost to sell with different sale prices, different commission percentages, etc.  This is all consuming. 
   Then the what if's.  What if our house doesnt sell for enough money? What if the home inspector finds something majorly wrong with our house and we can't afford to fix it?  What if we move to my Mom's house and then something is majorly wrong with HER house and we can't afford to fix it?  How do we sell her house to have the money for closing without having to move to temporary housing? What if her home doesn't sell in time?  What if the new house takes way longer than expected to build?  What if we sell our house and move and then the whole thing falls through? WHAT IF IT ALL FALLS APART?
There are so many questions and they run through my mind all day and all night long.
I am leaning on faith right now.  Faith that this is the right thing for us, for mom and for our children.  Faith that God is going to help us through this.  Faith that this will work out.
All I can tell myself is that in a few short months all this stress will be worth it and we will be in our forever home. 
For now, taking it day by day!

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