Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cecelia Rose: 9 Months

Sweet baby girl where has the time gone?  You had your 9 month check up and are still a little petite girl weighing only 15lbs 7oz.  Mimi gave you your first haircut this month since you were getting so straggly.  Your hair is turning blonder by the month and is filling in nicely.  This month you started giving us big sloppy open mouth kisses that are adorable.  You also like sharing your toys with us and hold them up for us to bite then you laugh and laugh.  It was also your first Father's Day this month!  You gave Daddy a picture frame with a picture of you in it. You also called him Dada (he loves that you said his name first!).  We had a big family get together this month for your Uncle Beau's graduation and you loved spending time with your cousins.  You are completely intrigued by other kiddos and babies.  You still have two bottom teeth and are really working hard on more.  Poor Reese has to run away from you because you can chase her down now that you are crawling all over the place.  You both wait by the door for Daddy to get home from work and it is extremely adorable.  The time is FLYING by and we love you so much little nugget!


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