Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cecelia Rose: 8 Months Old

     Cece, this month was extra special to me because it was my first official Mother's Day.  Last year Derek and I half celebrated but it couldn't hold a candle to this year.  This year you were in my arms.  We went to My's house (your great grandmother) to surprise her.  She was SO happy and excited to see you.  Mimi and your Great Uncle helped plant flowers for My and we got to spend time with my cousins whose daughter Avery is 2 months younger than you.  You still look like the younger one though since you are a peanut!  You love being around other children and babies.  They fascinate you.  Cece, you gave me the BEST mother's day gift by sleeping through the night THREE nights in a row.   It was amazing!  A new record!
     You now have TWO teeth and they are so. darn. cute.   When you smile those little teeth just poke up and I want to eat you up.  You have developed a couple new interests this month including buttons, the remote control (we finally gave you an extra with batteries removed), eating like crazy (you absolutely SCARF DOWN your cereal) and blowing spit bubbles.  You also love trying to roll over to Reese but she generally ignores you and walks to the other side of the room.  The new favorite game is throwing your toys on the floor and watching us pick them up... then you throw them on the floor again.  You are SOOOO dang close to crawling.. it will be any day now! You like talking and saying "babababababa" over and over.  My baby girl, you bring us more joy by the day and we are so blessed to have you. 

Eight Months Old

Enjoying the Sunshine

First trip to the Zoo

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