Friday, May 22, 2015

Cecelia Rose: 7 Months Old

     I know that I am technically writing this 7 days before you turn EIGHT months old but I am taking care of your sweet but busy 7 month old self so cut me a break!  I do keep monthly notes though in my phone, not to fret.  My dear one, this month you learned to make lots of sounds.. your favorite being the "Chewbacca growl".  It is hilarious and cracks us up.  You are regularly eating cereal and purees twice a day.  Your favorites are peaches, squash, plums and apples but you dislike bananas, carrots and mango. 
     You had your first Easter which was so fun..  I can't wait for next year so that we can do an Easter egg hunt.  We wen't to Mimi and Grandaddy's for lunch and to open your Easter Basket.  You promptly dumped it out all over the floor but loved the stuffed animals you got.  You sleep with the puppy and bunny doll in your crib at night.  I was very excited because you FINALLY figured out the jumper!  Now instead of just sitting in it and playing, you actively jump up and down, smiling the whole time.. you love the attention!  You aren't crawling but you HAVE figured out how to roll to get where you want.  You roll and roll and roll and roll... we usually have to go get you and put you back in our eyesight because you just roll away!  The last day of your 7th month you cut your first tooth.  It was a rough few days for all of us but you seem to be much better now.  Every day is the best day with you. We love you so very much!

7 months

how our photo sessions really go....
playing in her high chair and silly bed head

First Easter

thriller move, cutie, sleeping, chewing on her remote

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