Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Favorite and Best of Baby Girl Clothing - Online Boutique Clothing ( SweetHoney, Cheeky Plum, Well Dressed Wolf, Matilda Jane, Persnickety, Sassy Chic )

I am relatively new to this children's boutique clothing world... and yes it is actually a thing.  Complete with competition for clothes, resale drama and exlusive (and at times secret) Facebook groups.  For some basic info about buying and selling boutique clothes see this post by Sweet Tea Proper.  You can also see this post by The Well Styled Child. The best part of all of these brands?  Their clothes are AGE APPROPRIATE. Lets keep our little girls looking little shall we?

This obsession all started with one brand for me.

1.  SweetHoney Clothing. I LOVE THEM.  I actually discovered SweetHoney on Instagram which led me to their website which led me to their Facebook Resale Page which led me to join about 10 BST (buy, sell, trade) Facebook pages for boutique clothing.  SweetHoney is still number one for me because it started my complete obsession.  Beautifully made dresses, rompers and play sets.  All with ADORABLE fabrics and gorgeous details.  Their clothing is very classic, timeless and has a classic vintage feel.  SweetHoney lists new clothing on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30pm EST, 11:30am CST.  You have to be VERY quick because they sell out in mere seconds!  I have gotten our SweetHoney exclusively from the BST pages at this point.  Find SweetHoney here.


2. Cheeky Plum - similar to SweetHoney in concept.  Cheeky Plum tends to use some brighter colors and have more clothing available to purchase retail.  Their clothes are adorable and I have my favorites!  New dresses go on sale Tuesdays at 9pm EST, 8pm CST.  Dresses are made in limited quantities so if you see something you like, you better go ahead and purchase!  Cheeky Plum also has quite a BST presence on Facebook.  Find Cheeky Plum here.


3. Well Dressed Wolf - Beautifully made children's clothing that are high quality and timeless.  They sell for a reasonable price on their website but like SweetHoney, they sell out in seconds.  I love this brand but do not own any yet because the BST prices are RIDICULOUS.  Last week, a dress that sold retail for $56.00 was being immediately resold on BST pages for $250-350, making this line largely unattainable for most of us (unless you have lightning quick carting skills).  Great though if you are able to get pieces for retail prices.  WDW releases new items every other Thursday at 9pm EST, 8pm CST. Find Well Dressed Wolf here.

4. Persnickety - I like this brand quite a bit and they have a ton of different options, as well as a wide variety for babies! Also widely found on resale and BST pages. Find Persnickety here.

5. Matilda Jane - I like this brand and they sell some very cute dresses, pants and tops.  Matilda Jane at retail is only sold through individuals so the best way to purchase is generally through resale or BST pages.  You can also find quite a bit on Ebay.  Find Matilda Jane here.

6. Sassy Chic Boutique - Some very pretty options and they also offer some layering pieces. I am newer to this brand so I can't really comment on many of the dresses. Find Sassy Chic Boutique here.

7.  Mustard Pie - This brand has a big following but their clothing doesn't appeal to me as much as some of the other brands.  Find Mustard Pie here.

Update: See part 2 of online boutique clothing here.


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