Friday, March 6, 2015

Cecelia's Birth Story Part One.. The Almost Induction

     I am going to start this story a few days before you were born, sweet girl.  On Friday September 26, 2014 I went into the doctor's office for my 37 week appointment bright and early in the morning. (Actually my appointment was Monday but because my blood pressure was a bit high, I had to come back on Friday).  Mom came with me to all of my appointments when Derek couldn't be there. In case anything were to ever happen, I wanted to have someone with me.  And boy was I glad that I did!  I went through the usual routine of being weighed, having blood pressure checked, urine sample, iron blood test.  My blood pressure was a bit elevated and my iron had dropped to a very low level.  We had to cycle through all of the doctors at the practice and this morning we saw Dr. Groff.  Like usual she listened to your quick little heartbeat and measured my belly.   Dr. Groff felt that you were measuring a bit small and asked if I had been feeling you move around like normal.  I thought that you were your usual self.  Because my belly was measuring a bit small and you were quiet (to her), Dr. Groff wanted us to have an ultrasound right away to make sure that everything was ok.  We had never had this happen before so it was a little scary.

Me to Mom: "Are you freaking out?"
Mom: "No, are you freaking out?"
Me: "No, not really, lets wait to freak out after the ultrasound"

The doctor's office has a very fancy ultrasound machine in the office and they were able to squeeze us in right away.  We looked and looked at you, we could see your sweet face and we watched your heart beating away.  The ultrasound tech took lots of measurements and pictures of you and we waited to see Dr. Groff again for the results.  When she came in the room, Dr. Groff said
      "Well I have news, but I don't know if it is good news or bad news to you, it depends on how  anxious you are to meet your baby." 
      I replied "Umm.. VERY anxious!". 
     Dr. Groff then said "Well then this is good news because you are probably going to meet her today!".
      My heart started racing and I even started shaking a little bit.  Dr. Groff told us that she was concerned about your size and that you were measuring too small for your age.  You also were very quiet during the ultrasound and weren't moving around much.  She was concerned with IUGR which basically means that you were not thriving inside of my body and that you would need to be delivered be getting the nutrition that you needed to grow.  Dr. Groff told me that they were sending me right over to Labor and Delivery (my doctor's office was attached to the hospital) for a full work up and non-stress test and likely induction.  She opened the door and sent us on our way next door to the hospital.  HOLY CRAP.

Mom: "Ok I'm starting to freak out now, I just want her to be ok"
Me: "I know, Me too"

Freaking out had commenced.

When we got into the hallway I called Derek (who was working).  My voice was shaking and I'm sure that I scared the everloving bejesus out of him when I called.

Me: "I need you to come"
Derek: "What's going on?"
Me: "You need to come to the hospital, they said that they are going to induce me"
Derek: "What?  What's going on?!  I'm coming"

Then I was so nervous that I hung up on him. Poor guy.  (Don't worry though, he called Mom and got the details from her)

Mom and I walked over to Rex and checked in up at Labor and Delivery.  It was surreal.  This couldn't really be happening.  Not yet. 

"You are probably going to meet her today"... the words rang and rang in my ears as I waited for my hospital room.  TODAY??  Like ... TODAY?????  Holy MOLY.  I had been waiting for this moment for nine long months and it was finally happening?  I couldn't hardly sit still I was so antsy and nervous.  I had always expected that I would go into labor on my own, I never expected to be induced, especially not three weeks early.

We finally got ushered into a (really nice) hospital room and Mom and I were trying to coordinate things.

Mom was on the phone with Joe trying to figure out how to get our hospital bags to the hospital and get Reese taken care of.  I was waiting for Derek.

Finally he came and I felt much more at peace.  He was here and now we could figure this thing out.  He was so nervous.  His eyes were wild and he was asking over and over again "are you ok? what did they say?  What are they going to do?" 

This time Dr. Inge came into the room and said that he had spoken with Dr. Groff.  He explained (again) IUGR and their concerns.  He also stated that he was quite sure  and that they would be inducing me today.  When Dr. Inge says that, you know it is really happening because he is no nonsense!  Dr. Inge wanted to do another ultrasound by the specialists at UNC Maternal Fetal Medicine (they have an office at Rex Hospital) just to be sure that we were doing the right thing.  My nurse started the admission paperwork and started an IV.  I was already starving since I hadn't had time to eat breakfast and they would not let me eat until they knew if I was going to be induced or not. 

We ended up having to wait until late in the afternoon for the ultrasound at the hospital.  It was the worst waiting game ever!  Not knowing if we would be having you and wanting to make sure that you were ok. 

Finally around 4pm we were taken down to the UNC Maternal Fetal Medicine office for our ultrasound.  Earlier in the morning ultrasound you were very quiet and not moving very much.  They had put you in the 4th percentile for weight for your age.  One thing I remember most is that the tech told us that you had a head full of hair. We could see it swaying back and forth in the amniotic fluid on the monitor. Oh how I wanted to touch your hair!  During the afternoon ultrasound you were your normal flip-floppy moving self and measured at around the 11th percentile which they considered much better.  (Anything below 10th percentile is cause for concern).    However, my blood pressure was still quite elevated.  Dr. Inge decided to send us home with an appointment Monday morning at the OBGYN office for another non-stress test.  If my blood pressure was still elevated at that appointment then they would induce me. 

I was devastated.  I mean, I was SO happy that you were ok, but being told that we were going to have you and that you would be in my arms only to be made to wait... oh it killed me.   I wanted to cry for happiness that you were perfectly ok but I also wanted to cry because I wanted to meet you and cuddle you up.  Thus began the longest weekend of my life.

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