Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cecelia Rose: Six Months

Sweet girl, you are SIX months old! What happened to the time?  Just yesterday I held you in my arms for the first time and now you are halfway to being a year old.  Stop time!
You get more and more fun by the day.  It is so amazing to see you learn, grow,  and watch your personality develop.  This month you started eating cereal and pumpkin in your high chair, rolling over and sleeping without your swaddle (after several sleepless nights!).  You have gotten much better at going to sleep at night but are still waking up one or two times a night to eat.  It's finally getting warm enough to take you outside sometimes and you seem to really enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  You show more and more interest in Reese and she spends most of her time watching over you.  She is very patient with you even when you grab and pull her fur.  You are intrigued by my glasses, necklace and bracelet.  Sometimes you want me to hold you just because I am wearing"toys".  You really like playing on your play mat practicing rolling over and trying to fit both feet in your mouth (you really are quite flexible!).  Once you roll onto your belly you are REALLY trying to figure out how to crawl but can't quite get it yet.  It might be time to get you your own sippy cup since you are obsessed with ours when we drink from them and you try to eat the cup.  You also are becoming a chatty little girl!  It's not in a language we can understand but you seem quite content with your conversations and language skills!
We continue to be amazed by how much love we have for you and we can't imagine life without you.
Happy half-birthday darling girl!

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