Friday, November 23, 2012

Pearl and Crystal Wedding Bridal Jewelry

I was cleaning up my bookmarks today and decided that it really was a waste of knowledge to just delete all of my lovely wedding bookmarks that I have created for various wedding items.  SO I have decided to share my knowledge with all the fellow brides who google the same things that I have googled and slaved over!  Today's installment:  Jewelry.

Pearl and Crystal and Sparkly Jewelry to be exact.

It all started with these earrings.

I saw them on "Randy to The Rescue" and was OBSESSED.  Unfortunately the are $212.00.  BOO

Enter my amazing look alike discovery!!

and they are only $99.00!!


Okay, so if this is a wee bit too blingy for your liking don't fret!  I have some other options in my magical "wedding jewelry" bookmark folder!

Kenneth Jay Lane - Leaf Pearl Drop Earrings


Genevive by CZC - Pearl Blossom Earrings

USA Bride - Floral Pearl and CZ Earrings
(similar to the kenneth lane earrings right?)



USA Bride - Pearl Wedding Bracelet $59.95
Carolee Crystal Bow on a Pearl Bracelet $50.00

LXdesigns - Geneva Hair Comb



BrideShop - Pearl Hair Comb

To anyone looking, hope this was helpful!

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