Thursday, January 5, 2012


This New Year I am so thankful. I know that for those of you who know me in real life I've had a lot of complaints and that there have been a lot of things that I am going through but to be honest there are things I am SO beyond thankful for.

1. My Dad's practice sold.
This was a source of so much anxiety and stress for our family. We are so blessed that the sale went through and we were happy with the terms.

2. My Dad.
His mood has become so much better since the practice has been sold. He still is struggling with times of anger and lashing out when he gets confused or can't remember things but overall so much better and more pleasant at home.
3. My Mom.

Where to even start? She is the rock that holds our family together. We never would have been able to sell the practice or handle Dad's mood swings or keep it together financially or emotionally without her. She is the most amazing woman I have ever known. God has blessed all of us with giving her us to lead our family.

4. My Job.
Yes I hate my job 99% of the time. But I am so grateful to have a job when so many people do not.

5. My Boyfriend
He has been my rational voice when I am completely irrational. He loves me and treats me better than I ever could have asked for. I am so lucky.

6. My Friends
Sara, Amanda, Jamie, Jessica, they have all listened to my tears and anger and frustrations and told me it would be ok. They are wonderful.

7. My Brother
He has stepped up within our family when I didn't expect it and shown new sides of himself this year.

8. My Faith
It has kept me sane.

Happy New Year. I hope you all have lot's to be thankful for!