Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Obsessed: Iphone Cases (volume 2 - 4, 4s)

Well since I have had so many visitors to my post about the 3g cases I figured it was about dang time to post some pretties for the Iphone 4 and 4s!

OK!  Here we go!

1. Kate Spade New York 'Diagonal Stripe' iPhone Case - $40 @ Kate Spade

2. Tory Burch Navy and Pink Stripe iPhone case - $22.40 @ Amazon.com
Simple and Classic.
3. Cosmo Cricket Sea Garden design on iPhone Case - $34.95 @ GelaSkins

4. Society 6 Iphone Case in OVERDOSE - $35 @ Society6
Funky and cool. This website has hundreds of designs you can sort through and pick for your phone!

5. This one is for your guys: Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4/4s - $59.95 @ Amazon.com
Leather case that doubles as a wallet!
6. Petunia Picklebottom iPhone case in Santiago Sunset - $38 @ Albee Baby
This design is simply to die for!

7. Tech Candy 'Barcelona' Case - $32.99 @ Tech Candy
The snap on lattice like case is adorable!

The 'Bordeaux' is also really pretty and comes with orange and light blue!

8. Incipio 'Stowaway' iPhone 4/4s case - $26.00 @ Walmart (also comes in blue/grey)
Pretty cool little compartment for your cards/cash and doubles as a stand! Sweet!

9. Design Lab "Painterly Floral" iPhone 4 and 4s Case - $14.00 @ Nordstrom

10. Paul Smith - leather accessories - $150 @ Nordstrom

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pearl and Crystal Wedding Bridal Jewelry

I was cleaning up my bookmarks today and decided that it really was a waste of knowledge to just delete all of my lovely wedding bookmarks that I have created for various wedding items.  SO I have decided to share my knowledge with all the fellow brides who google the same things that I have googled and slaved over!  Today's installment:  Jewelry.

Pearl and Crystal and Sparkly Jewelry to be exact.

It all started with these earrings.

I saw them on "Randy to The Rescue" and was OBSESSED.  Unfortunately the are $212.00.  BOO

Enter my amazing look alike discovery!!

and they are only $99.00!!


Okay, so if this is a wee bit too blingy for your liking don't fret!  I have some other options in my magical "wedding jewelry" bookmark folder!

Kenneth Jay Lane - Leaf Pearl Drop Earrings


Genevive by CZC - Pearl Blossom Earrings

USA Bride - Floral Pearl and CZ Earrings
(similar to the kenneth lane earrings right?)



USA Bride - Pearl Wedding Bracelet $59.95
Carolee Crystal Bow on a Pearl Bracelet $50.00

LXdesigns - Geneva Hair Comb



BrideShop - Pearl Hair Comb

To anyone looking, hope this was helpful!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Status Update

So I disappeared for a good three months..

mainly due to this guy..

He is literally the best thing to ever happen to me. He is truly an angel. My family loves him and I sure as heck do. He cooks me breakfast in the morning and is willing to watch Bravo TV. He took my Dad golfing and then cooked dinner for my family on his day off of work. He is literally the best thing that could ever have happened to me. LOVE HIM. So yea, I've been spending my time with this amaze-balls person as opposed to writing but really, can you blame me??

Oh and for you family members who haven't met him yet here are his stats:
Age: 30
Occupation: History Teacher,Medically Retired from Army
Education: Graduated from NC State
Hobbies: Cooking (PRAISE!), Duke Basketball (BOO)
Family: Parents married, two older brothers
Born in Georgia but raised in several states, high school in Arizona

Next Update: Family

We have been managing well. It has been a great blessing to have Rhonda here and she has certainly changed things around for the better. Dad goes through times of increased agitation that seem to last for about a week before he calms back down. During those weeks it's like walking on egg shells and you don't know what will set him off. Rhonda seems to help take a lot of stress off of Mom and they keep each other company. Rhonda also has helped get him on good doses of vitamins and minerals which truly I believe have delayed the effects of the disease. We are very excited for a doctors appointment we have this month with Dr. Kauffer at UNC Memory Disorders Clinic. We were referred there by fellow FTD (fronto-temporal dementia) caregivers who said this doc is the genius on this dementia. It took two months to get in and we are very hopeful he will help us get dad's meds adjusted correctly and hopefully ease some of his agitation and anger. We know it cannot be good for his body or mind to be so so angry or stressed constantly. We are praying that with the right medications we will be able to see an evening out of his mood and will be able to get things more under control as each episode is getting frighteningly more and more worse.

Joe is starting a new job this month at Quintiles which he is super excited about and we are as well! He will be making more money and have more room to grow! I will selfishly miss seeing him every day.

I am still stuck in my quarter life crisis trying to figure out what to do with my life. I may apply for grad school that starts next may.

On a good note we are all getting very excited for Macall's Wedding in St. Thomas!! Only 42 Days left until we leave!!

Hope this little update catches you all up on what has been going on in my and our lives! Love you all!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


This New Year I am so thankful. I know that for those of you who know me in real life I've had a lot of complaints and that there have been a lot of things that I am going through but to be honest there are things I am SO beyond thankful for.

1. My Dad's practice sold.
This was a source of so much anxiety and stress for our family. We are so blessed that the sale went through and we were happy with the terms.

2. My Dad.
His mood has become so much better since the practice has been sold. He still is struggling with times of anger and lashing out when he gets confused or can't remember things but overall so much better and more pleasant at home.
3. My Mom.

Where to even start? She is the rock that holds our family together. We never would have been able to sell the practice or handle Dad's mood swings or keep it together financially or emotionally without her. She is the most amazing woman I have ever known. God has blessed all of us with giving her us to lead our family.

4. My Job.
Yes I hate my job 99% of the time. But I am so grateful to have a job when so many people do not.

5. My Boyfriend
He has been my rational voice when I am completely irrational. He loves me and treats me better than I ever could have asked for. I am so lucky.

6. My Friends
Sara, Amanda, Jamie, Jessica, they have all listened to my tears and anger and frustrations and told me it would be ok. They are wonderful.

7. My Brother
He has stepped up within our family when I didn't expect it and shown new sides of himself this year.

8. My Faith
It has kept me sane.

Happy New Year. I hope you all have lot's to be thankful for!