Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Things at the office have been a bit...tense. Although tense may be an understatement. Lately my emotions have been totally out of control. From my point of view however, mine are not the only ones out of control at this point. We are all stressed out and overwhelmed. For me, I do not do well with this much stress. When I am feeling this level of overwhelmed I freak out at things that are small. When I say freak out, I mean FREAK THE HELL OUT. I mean SCREAM at co-workers, SOB uncontrollably in my car, STOP TALKING to people for days, CAN'T SLEEP at night. That kind of freak out. It's been worse over the past couple of weeks and things all just came to a head today.

My closest co-worker Jessica and I ended up in a huge hour long screaming/sobbing telephone brawl tonight. I may not have a voice tomorrow and my face may be swollen to twice it's normal size. Another co-worker is not speaking to me because of something that I apparently did yesterday that I have no idea about. . . she also is unwilling to tell me what I did. I am going on about 4 hours of sleep following a 10 hour day yesterday and a horrific sob infested screaming day today with intermittent angry family meetings. Well the screamfest/cryfest with Jessica was just the icing on the cake. In the end though we worked it out. It was two months of tensions let out so it needed to happen.

Basically it comes down to this: If you can't handle me at my worst, you SURE AS HELL don't deserve me at my best. This applies: to friends, family and boyfriends. Take note.

That's all for today! Here's hoping that some sleep will renew us and tomorrow will be brighter!

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Amanda said...

Must be something in the air :). Know you're going through a whole bunch of craziness but sometimes that's important to sort things out- even things like figuring out who isn't worth it :P. Hope things are better by now, and give a call if you ever need to vent or talk or whatever, you know I'm always here! (maybe not during the day this week of course, as they are still enslaving me at the hospital)