Saturday, September 3, 2011

Serving Life.

Ok so on Saturdays, I like watching documentaries. Sometimes. When I run out of trashy things to watch on my DVR. Anyways, There is one that ya'll should watch. Like right now. Go to your DVR and schedule to record it. OK!?

This one is called "Serving Life". It is part of OWN's new documentary club (go Oprah!) and honestly it is so touching. From OWN: "Serving Life documents an extraordinary hospice program where hardened criminals care for dying fellow inmates. Narrated and executive produced by Academy Award®-winner Forest Whitaker, the film takes viewers inside Louisiana's maximum security prison at Angola, where the average sentence is more than 90 years."

There is quite a bit of controversy since the main characters are prisoners serving life for things like murder and seeing them in roles of caregivers and redemption might be hard for some people. I was touched not only by the way that the inmates cared for their fellow dying inmates, but for the ingenuity showed by the prison warden in coming up with ways to rehabilitate prisoners, dropping violence by 73%. I am like the world's biggest Hospice supporter so this doc was especially touching to me. The way that the men care for each other, even sewing blankets for the hospice patients, you will be glad you watched it.

Ok now go set your DVR's!

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