Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Five Songs...

1. "She's Like Texas" - Josh Abbott Band

You know I love me some Texas and some country singing.. my love for this song is pretty self-explanatory. It's been on repeat in my car.

2. "Ashes" by Andy Brown

I don't know if ya'll watch the amazingness that is 'Rookie Blue' but Andie and Swarek finally hooked up last week to this song and it was super hot and this song is super beautiful.

3. "Run" - Taylor Swift cover of George Strait

Um hello. Do we even need to talk about this?

4. "For Good" - Wicked Cast

Okay I just got around to watching the Glee Finale and this song was on there and I usually love me some Glee covers but nothing can possibly compare to the original so I'm bringing it back! This is literally one of the most beautiful songs of all time, if it doesn't make you cry you have no soul.

5. "When She's On" - Chris Young

Let's just round it out with some more country with more Texas references! Woot!


Bri said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

Wow - love your music choices. I used to play "For Good" for my English classes and then have them write who has changed their lives for the good. Many tears were shed reading their responses! Maybe you might want to think about moving to "Texas" since you are a country girl! By the way we are going your way soon now that the new baby and move are behing us! Love ya!

Nikki said...

The unknown is me!