Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Update YO.

Okay this week.

1. Earthquake

2. Hurricane. (or as our trusty governor miss bev perdue says "hurricun")

3. New Music

Well I have already posted about the earthquake so that's old news.

Hurricane Irene was pretty easy! We had the power flicker a few times but thankfully never lost it. Quite a lot of wind and rain though. Nothing compared to hurricane Fran. Yes we were without power for MORE THAN A WEEK. Our family took a shower at a TRUCK STOP. So yea, Irene was a piece of cake!

But let's just talk about this for a quick second..

Do you see the resemblance???


Oh Gov. Perdue!

Oh and number 3! My other social worker/partner in crime Jessica, well her boyfriend is a pretty big deal. He plays guitar and sings and stuff and is real good so you need to listen to him! You can find him on itunes and amazon!

Here is him singing one of his original songs..

And a cover..of MJ..loves it!

And cover of John Mayer

ok that's all for this week kids! hope you have had a fabuloso weekend!