Monday, August 29, 2011

Todd Young Art

I have lurved me some Todd Young Art for quite some time now. It is so simple and lovely and unique. As a huge animal lover I just am smitten. Plus he paints all breeds and does custom paintings so whatever animal you love he can do it! Here are some of my favorites:

Great Dane

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Black Lab

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Afghan Hound Butterfly

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

and for you cat lovers..

Bengal Cat Starry Night

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Shnauzer Across the Bay

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Poppy Field Dalmation

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Oh and this is going to be part of Joe's Christmas gift this year..

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

You can see all Todd has for sale on his Esty Shop!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old South, New Fashion (via SBS)

I am beyond obsessed with Southern Belle Simple. Also I am convinced we might be the same person with the same love for all things Gone With the Wind. Which is why I HAD to re-post these images of Old South, New Fashion. So unique!!

Be still my heart!

Weekly Update YO.

Okay this week.

1. Earthquake

2. Hurricane. (or as our trusty governor miss bev perdue says "hurricun")

3. New Music

Well I have already posted about the earthquake so that's old news.

Hurricane Irene was pretty easy! We had the power flicker a few times but thankfully never lost it. Quite a lot of wind and rain though. Nothing compared to hurricane Fran. Yes we were without power for MORE THAN A WEEK. Our family took a shower at a TRUCK STOP. So yea, Irene was a piece of cake!

But let's just talk about this for a quick second..

Do you see the resemblance???


Oh Gov. Perdue!

Oh and number 3! My other social worker/partner in crime Jessica, well her boyfriend is a pretty big deal. He plays guitar and sings and stuff and is real good so you need to listen to him! You can find him on itunes and amazon!

Here is him singing one of his original songs..

And a cover..of MJ..loves it!

And cover of John Mayer

ok that's all for this week kids! hope you have had a fabuloso weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Um. NC had an Earthquake.

Well actually it was in Virginia. But I was minding my own business eating my chick-fil-a when along came the great earthquake of 2011. Mind you, never having ever been in an earthquake no one even knew that that's what had happened, we thought it was the big ol' construction machines from next door. FALSE. It was an actual earthquake.

I feel so West Coast!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Week.

Well I have made it through another work week! That means I still have a job and will receive another paycheck..yay!

This week was MUCH better than last week (see post It's the Most Horrible Week of the Year). Boss lady was out of town for 3 days meaning peace and quiet. Last Friday the neurologist put me on a prednisone taper to try and get rid of this lingering migraine that has plagued me for months. It worked so I was largely pain free this week which made it amazing! Sadly I am now responsible for handling all complaints in the building and that is taking up 90% of my time. When I came into work on Monday there were FIFTEEN on my desk..goodness! We are up to TWENTY-SEVEN for the week. Le Sigh.

But let me tell you about last Friday...

Migraine central. And of course after said week from Hell that didn't help either. I had my neurology follow up appointment and considered cancelling but went ahead and went because I couldn't get out of work early and couldn't cancel so I just went. Well they took pity on me in my horrible state and gave me two big ol' shots in my bootay. I had a shot of Toradol (pain medicine) and a shot of Steroids and then she called me in Phenergan for nausea and told me to pick it up on the way home and take it but she couldn't give it to me in the office because it would make me too sleepy.

Well after the two shots that made it feel like a horse had kicked me in my rear end I went and got my other meds and went home. Well what I forgot to mention was that about ten minutes after I got home we had to leave to drive to Chapel Hill for a big family get together. My cousin from Virginia was in town with baby Caroline so we were all going to hang out. Well part way through the drive all that medicine started to hit me. By the time we got to Chapel Hill things were going downhill fast.

I have basically no idea what I said or did. All I remember is my cousin telling me that I was being super awkward and me telling her that I am "extremely medicated right now". This medicated state coming after the worst week of work ever and put into a family situation where they ask you how work is going was not a good combination. I'm pretty sure at one point when they asked me how work was going I just smiled and nodded and didn't say anything.

Yea so I was a super medicated awkward family get together mess. YES! Add one point to the black sheep board!

In other news here is further proof that I have the worst bedhead in the world:

(there is nothing in there but hair you guys)

(my mom said it looks like dredlocks)

Dear lord someone help me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's the most horrible week of the year..

When you work in a nursing home, the worst week of the entire year is when you have your annual state inspection. This consists of a team of surly looking nurses (in our case FIVE OF THEM) stalking your every move and pouring over all over your documentation for an entire week. They also tend to save up any complaints that are called into them by family members until this week.

Day One: Receive phone call approx 730 am.. "they're here". I immediately throw my phone and start cursing. Mom says "Jennifer! Watch your mouth!" I then start the phone tree calling everyone else to tell them to get their butts to work.

Arrive at work 8:00am. At 8:09Am I have already been in my bosses office and had my ass chewed out.

By 1030 AM my other social worker is crying in the corner.

At 1pm I tell my other social worker this is like hell week for the marines. A nurse says "No i date a marine and he quit working here because he said it was worse"

Tuesday: Relatively quiet, eerily so. Inspectors generally stay in their room and study over charts, we all pray that we didn't miss anything.

Wednesday: 830AM I arrive to work to find my boss has already chewed my ass before i even arrived for not arriving at 730..apparently i should have telepathically known to do this.

845Am I have my ass chewed by my boss for a very vague interpretation of "something negative" happening at a meeting. When pressed for details, she says nothing specific.

850Am I have my ass chewed by my boss for trying to come up with a system where we have family meetings in the afternoons so we can get other work done in the mornings (like assessments, discharges, calls, etc) after co-worker in our office throws myself and other social worker who have covered her butt many times throws us under the bus.

1230pm I have my ass chewed by the director of nursing who tells me "let me give you a lesson on writing in charts... you are NEVER to put my name in a chart, only my position". She then tries to blame me for her losing a complaint form. AWESOME. I try and remain calm as she talks to me like a 5 year old child but in a very very mean way.

1236pm I get a call from the admissions director asking me if I had my ass chewed because she heard the director of nursing hollering about that "social worker putting her name in the chart" all the way down the hallway. She asks me "didn't you learn about documentation in school?"


I tell her to shut the **** up and leave me alone. This is okay because we are friends.

1pm. I have a nervous breakdown

130pm I am informed that director of nursing has told my boss I have been acting like a child even though throughout her insulting tirade I remained calm and did not even react.

I spend the rest of the day trying to fight my impulse to flee from the scene never to return.

OH and also I have SEVENTEEN people I have to discharge this week. That's right SEVENTEEN.

And my boss keeps asking me why I am in my office... well it's because I am trying to make sure all of these SEVENTEEN people leave the building! She is trying to insinuate that I am lazy and not out on the floor answering callbells. I do not appreciate this. I REALLY do not appreciate this.

I can only pray that the inspectors finish up tomorrow and leave early Friday. I can only handle one more full day of this otherwise I may end up in a mental hospital.

Monday, August 8, 2011