Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Need a Cowhide

Normally when I tell people that I really really want a cowhide rug they look at me like I am crazy. But alas people, it is beautiful and you are missing out. Just because you have a cowhide rug doesn't mean your room is super Texan or Southwest! It can still be super modern, although that is not my taste, it can work! I am partial to the light colored hides that are maybe a bit freckled, but all different sorts can work...

Lighter Varieties:

(seriously how fabulous is this?!)

Darker Varieties:

(see? Ree has one!)

Beautiful colors!

You can see some for sale here. I want that second one BAD!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

Agreed. They are awesome! Unfortunately the fiance has said no. Each time I've asked. Have a great 4th!