Sunday, June 26, 2011

my life sucks

Typical Week Day:

630am: 1st alarm, press snooze
645am: 2nd alarm, press snooze
700am: 3rd alarm press snooze
715am: 4th alarm press snooze
730: 5th alarm... begrudgingly and painfully get out of bed. Stumble into walls and into bathroom.
735am: Shower... face wash, shampoo, conditioner, soap, rinse. Brush teeth, put contacts in.
750am: Makeup
800am: Hair
815a: Leave for work
830-845am - check email, make coffee, take 2 tylenol
845-930am - morning meetings at work - given work that is not my responsibility. Belittled by various superiors.
930am-1230pm - assessments, family meetings, discharge planning, returning phone calls, get yelled at by various family members
1230-100pm - lunch, take 3 tylenol
1pm-5pm - miscellaneous family drama, paperwork, phone calls, more being a human dumpster, take 3 more tylenol
5-530pm - work/drive home
530-800 pm - dinner, watch TV, drink wine
8-10pm - watch hulu/netflix, take ambien
10-1030- fall asleep and dream about work

So yea.... i miss cooking and taking pictures and being a happy person but as you can see it's just not happening right now. On weekends I try to do as little as possible. I consider it a success if i don't have to wear makeup or do my hair. Does anyone else's life suck?


Michelle... said...

I was living this for probably 6 months at my last job. I was miserable at work, I was stressed about work when I wasn't there, took it out on other people, etc. Then I got bad at hiding how miserable I was and got fired. It sucked for a little while, till I realized it was pretty much the best thing ever since it gave me the time to devote all my energy to grad school applications, and I got into a school that I thought was only a dream and I'm moving in a month!

Long story short: hang in there, things will fall into place and they will get better.

Amanda said...

Your multiple snoozes are hilarious! I usually set mine for about 2 snoozes :). It'll get better, it's not forever. You can cook for me and we can go neat places to take pictures here in Charleston!! I think it'll be good to get you a creative outlet again..don't laugh, I've started a scrapbook! While studying for boards, I would do that for 30 minutes or so before cracking down, and it would really help my motivation :)

Kristin said...

Work gets in the way so much doesn't it? My job recently became more busy (with a new manager) and it's frustrating how tired I am outside of work because of it. It sure can be hard to balance work and life. Do just one or two creative things like painting your nails, and let it make you smile :) I'll be praying for you.