Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday with Reese + Her Big Surgery

Saturday I had to go to the vet to pick up some antibiotics for Reese due to her upcoming surgery so I figured I would let the girl ride with me!

Then the bitch drank my coffee when my back was turned...

I am feeling nervous because Wednesday Reese is having her "big surgery". As a Cocker Spaniel Reese has had terrible ear problems. No matter what we treat them with, they continue to be painful, swollen and infected (like so infected there is puss in them...sorry to gross you out but they are BAD). So on Wednesday she will go to the vet and a specialist will perform a double TECA procedure. TECA stands for Total Ear Canal Ablation. They basically will be removing both of her ear canals. And it's also costing me a pretty penny.

This surgery means she will never have ear infections or pain again. But it also means that she will be much more deaf and there is a possibility for facial paralysis, droop or even things like not blinking. So yes, I am freaking out. My little love is having her ears removed.

The worst mistake I made was googling the surgery and looking at images. BIG. MISTAKE. Even worse is that I am going to be out of town until the following Monday so she will have to stay at the vet feeling icky and painful post surgery and not at home in her usual surroundings. Yes I am feeling very very guilty but since it is a specialist surgeon, the options for scheduling were limited. I feel like a real bad mama.

So hopefully my little darling will be fine and pain free. Fingers crossed!

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