Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reese Surgery Update

Today was the day, Miss Reese had her big ear surgery. It was a tough day for mama as I dropped her off at 730AM and as of 12 noon she was still in surgery.

Apparently her ears were much worse than we ever knew. The surgeon said that in cases like Reese, if the dog is unable to have surgery they suggest that the owner put the dog down as the pain is too great and the dog's quality of life is terrible.

I felt so horrible. Horrible horrible horrible. I had NO idea they were as bad as they were and how much pain she was in.

When the surgeon finally called a bit after 12 she told me how bad the ears were and that the left was much worse than the right. She apparently is unable to blink her left eye and thus far we don't know if she will have permanent paralysis on that side of her face.

I went by the vet around 4pm to check on her. They didn't want me to see her because they didn't want her to get worked up, which I understood. After much begging however, they let me come back and look through a glass window at her so I would know she was actually alive. My poor girl was wrapped in a blanket panting and looking very drugged. I left the vet and cried like a baby.

I know she is just a dog, she is not a person, but that girl is MY girl! I like Lucy and all but I love Reese. So barring infection, which apparently is a big risk for her, she will have a whole new lease on life. Pain free and hopefully much happier!

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