Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ok my title may be misleading, my story isn't nearly as interesting as the title sounds. Anyways...

Yesterday I was scared. Like really scared. Where you feel like your insides are on fire you are so scared.

We knew bad weather was coming and the storm prediction center had us at slight risk.

Then it became moderate risk for severe weather.

Then yesterday morning it became high risk. And SPC issued a "particularly dangerous situation" warning. uh-oh.

The storms started firing in the early afternoon and we were glued to the TV.

As the weather outside quickly deteriorated the weatherman reported a large destructive tornado in holly springs headed north. The path they showed went right through our neighborhood.

I have never heard thunder like that in my life. Never!

Then the weatherman said something that really scared me. They issued a "tornado emergency" for Raleigh. I know enough from watching Storm Chasers and being a weather nerd that this was a big deal..

It was the first time this has ever happened in NC. Let me say this again. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED EVER BEFORE.

The weather man said "act now to protect your life". Then the power flickered then went out.

I went into the closet with the dogs.

Radar showing the track of the house is the X!

The rain wrapped tornado near downtown Raleigh

Thank god the tornado missed us. Unfortunately a few miles away people weren't so lucky. The huge twister went right through downtown Raleigh and continued to destroy homes, lives and especially mobile home parks. There is utter devastation.

North Raleigh

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