Friday, April 22, 2011

Obsessed: Iphone Cases

I have had the same old boring white Iphone case for over a year. Imagine my happiness when I discovered the plethora of super cute designer cases!

Lilly Pulitzer:

"White Zin"

"Coral Me Crazy"

(I've Already ordered this because I am OBSESSED with this print)

Michael Kors:

Wallet Clutch for Iphone in Python - $79.95

Kate Spade:

Iphone Hard Cover - $40

Silicone Iphone Case - $40

Jonathan Adler:

Iphone Case - $19.95


morgsmt said...

OOOoo I like! Especially the wallet clutch one becuase I need the most hardcore case possible. Or, maybe I shouldnt be allowed to have an iphone at all.

Lovin you!

Anonymous said...

Wow luv all of them!