Friday, March 4, 2011

This week in Lapbad news...

I am really annoyed. I had gained about 6 lbs due to not so great food choices and had a fill on Wednesday. The doc said stuff was going through the band pretty quickly so he added .5cc to my band and said I was now "really tight". After you have a fill in your band you have to be on liquids for at least 24 hours. Well on Thursday I had liquids for breakfast and lunch and about an hour later I was STARVING. Not just "Oh I'm hungry". I'm talking stomach churning, growling. It sounded like a cat was dying inside of my stomach.

I ate some wheat thins. Then I ate some enchiladas for dinner. Well shit.

Everything is overwhelming. Having to think about food and weight and what you are eating or drinking or thinking of eating or drinking. I swear I think it takes up a humongous part of my day.

Also, I would rather punch myself in the eye with a stick than have to exercise.

So I am annoyed. And need sleep. Happy Weekend.


I was about to go to sleep and realized that everything I say about my band is pretty negative. So let me say some good things.

1. My portions are much smaller than before
2. I am not as hungry
3. I am learning what "full" means and that it doesn't mean "stuffed"
4. That I had stronger issues with food that I thought I did
5. I am conscientious of what I put in my mouth, even if it is not a good choice
6. I have hope that if I follow the rules I can lose weight
7. I have already lost weight and if I had not had surgery I would have GAINED.

Ok well goodnight. For real this time.

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Amanda said...

Hey, you're going to have good days and bad days. Hopefully there are more and more good days though :). Was just listening to a lecture about nicotine and it has the LOWEST success rate in terms of quitting of all addictive drugs including cocaine and heroin so if you could do that you can do this!!