Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly Devotional...

My work is kind of cool in that they e-mail out weekly devotionals. I loved this week's and wanted to share with you...

“We’ll Have Snow…”

" It has snowed three times this December, and I live in North Carolina. Thankfully, only the one storm with ice has made much impact on travelers. But each event of watching white flakes form and fall from the sky has affected me. My son, also entranced by the spectacle, has had an interesting three-year-old interpretation. He runs to a window, jumps up and down, runs back to a parent, and says, “It is snowing. It is Christmas Eve!” He may have read or seen too many stories about flakes beginning to fall just as the characters understand how special family and friends are as we honor Jesus’ birth. His brain links snow with Christmas Eve.

In my childhood, I was more likely to link an impromptu, short-sleeved flag football game with Christmas Eve. I never saw snow in December. I rarely saw snow, period.

Snow has an amazing quieting effect. I generally long for a mug of something warm, a window with a view, a woolen blanket wrapped around me, and the time to watch the flakes fall when it snows. My worries drift somewhere else. My concerns about what needs to happen next silently disappear stage right. And my sense that I am in control of the universe, and doing a so-so job, falls from me as white flakes stick to white, and a blanket of crispness can be seen wherever my eyes fall. Life feels simpler and clearer and cleaner during a snow shower. Winter draws me into a safe place to reflect, wonder, and wait.

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the longest night/ shortest day of the year. Friday, my son will finally get an affirmative response to his daily question, “Is it Christmas Eve?” And Saturday, we will celebrate how the birth of Jesus changed our lives and the entire world. We will be asked to reflect and wonder on the ways love bursts into our lives. As for me, love falls in my life like soft flakes of snow, surprising me with the way it stills me, calms me, and assures me that all will be well. May we all be in a warm and safe place, at least in spirit, where we can reflect, wonder, and wait on Christmas Day and whenever possible this winter season."

Blessings to us, one and all,

Wanda Burton-Crutchfield, M.Div., BCC

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Tara said...

Wow. I'm lucky if I get an EMAIL from my managers...let alone reflections on the quiet serenity of snow.

I did a blog post about snow awhile back. It is kind of amazing.