Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Julie and Julia

I was planning on writing about our recent snowfall here but I ended up watching Julie and Julia tonight on my (AWESOME) new Netflix account (thanks to my great brother!). I have a few thoughts...

1. I liked the movie better than the book. This never happens. To me food and cooking is so visual that the book really didn't do it for me. I had a hard time really connecting with the characters and just couldn't "get into it".

2. Meryl Streep as Julia Child is genius.

3. The end pissed me off. I wanted them to meet! I don't care if it never happened in real life, I wanted it to happen in the movie! I'm left thinking that Julia hated Julie and I don't like that!

4. I want to cook some of these recipes...they look DIVINE.

5. I miss cooking. To provide your loved ones or yourself with a delicious meal is a great feeling. Plus it is relaxing (minus the cleanup work).

Did you guys read the book or watch the movie? What were your thoughts?


morgsmt said...

Watched the movie, loved it!! I wanted them to meet as well. Your right, Meryl Streep was amazing in that part. Another good movie, which isn't on netflix but you can get it in redbox, is Temple Grandin. I don't know if you have seen it yet but Chris and I watched it the other night. Lovin you!

Today's Gift said...

I saw the movie twice in the theater and I received it as a gift for Christmas! I agree...I wanted them to meet in the end of the movie too. Now, I want to move to NYC and cook just like Julie did!

Hanna said...

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Elizabeth Benfield said...

i watched the movie only and loved it. and yes, it made me wanna cook too ... like really cook. i wasnt crazy about the ending either but dealt with it. my mom, on the other hand, got really mad that i made her watch a great movie with such a stupid ending (she also thought they should have met, even if it didnt really happen that way).

Aly said...

I absolutely love that movie(yes, despite the fact that they didn't meet). It's a great movie for people who love cooking and it's such a feel good movie too :)

I haven't read the book but I've wanted to for a while now. I might end up picking it up from a used bookstore since none of my friends have it to borrow! And I'm totally with you on wanting to try some of the recipes out :)

Witty Whit said...

Love that movie! Would love to have met Julia Child but would settle for meeting Julie ;)