Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lapband Update: Post-Op Day 1/NUMBERS!

I did it. I am now the proud new owner of a Lap-Band.

Lemme give you my numbers:

1. Pre-op Gallbladder Weight: 288lbs

2. Pre-op Lap-band Weight: 275.5

No, I am not thrilled to share these numbers with you but ..well what the heck, I would just rather everyone know. But I AM glad that I lost nearly 13lbs since my gallbladder surgery!

Okay so here is my experience so far:

1. Lots of pain issues in recovery. I was supposed to be there an hour but ended up being there for three hours. Yikes! A nurse told me "All that crying isn't going to make you feel better!"

Bitch. It DID make me feel better.

2. Morphine pump is an invention of the gods.

3. Having bilateral leg ultrasounds in front of a class of future sonographers can only be accomplished when on said morphine pump. For your reference they start in your groin.

4. Said pain meds will make you cry at about anything.

5. Hiccups are now a part of my new life.


Kristin said...

Congrats on getting it! And cry if you want to :) It's often healthy.

Brandi said...

Um, where are her bedside manners?! Cry until it feels better. It will soon! Congratulations and feel better soon!

weebarrett said...

congrats! i know that crying makes me feel better most of the time, so go for it. hope you get feeling better soon!

jamie.rice said...

whoa! i didn't realize you were getting this done so soon. congratulations! maybe once you're feeling better we can hang out soon?

Jennifer said...

Thanks gals. Crying did make me feel better!! I think i was scaring some of the other patients in the post-op room! Jamie- definitely!

amanda said...

keep us updated with how things are going!! know it's a tough road to recovery but it'll be worth it in the long run. sorry your experience wasn't so great..I bet having better clinicians would have made it a whole different experience. [bet they all went to unc.] so happy that OVERALL things were pretty successful, other than all of the post-op pain. we're all rooting for you! much love :)

Anonymous said...

I found you through 20sb and am now following. Congrats on the surgery! Crying always makes me feel better too! :)