Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lapband Update: Approved!!

Finally! After months of doctors visits and jumping through hoops I got a call from my surgeon's office on Thursday saying they had sent my information to BCBS for approval for lapband. Since it usually takes a week I was shocked on Friday to get a message that I had already been approved!

This is exciting but also scary because it means this is really happening. All I have left is to have a results visit at the surgeon's office and schedule surgery! Hopefully within the next few weeks.

Now I have to stock up on lots of stuff so that I can be prepared...getting meds changed to liquids, buying protein and liquids for the first couple weeks post op. Yikes! Reality!


weebarrett said...

that's exciting! congrats!

amanda said...

i'm so excited for you. know you've been through a lot of stuff to get here--- congrats!

Jennifer said...

Thanks girls!!!