Saturday, July 31, 2010

Santa Fe: Favorite Places

Since I am still uploading my pictures from my visit to Santa Fe I figured I would go ahead and write about my favorite places that we visited while there! If you ever travel there, make sure you check out these places! I visited innumerable shops there and these were the best!

1. Maya (Galisteo St.) - this place is the bomb. seriously. we went there twice. They have a lot of kitschy fun gifts as well as adorable clothing, hats and scarves. I bought a knit hat, an old Mexico decorative book and some awesome post cards that I plan to frame. Hippie and fun all in one.

2. Ritual Adornments - This is where I spent the bulk of my money. Lots of fun beads and funky wall hangings. I loved this place, their merchandise and the people that worked there. (

1. Milagro 139 - We ended up here by accident as it started raining and we were blocks away from where we planned to eat dinner. We had fabulous service, fabulous food and amazing desserts. The setting is beautiful! (

2. La Casa Sena - We ate here for lunch on the outside terrace. Gorgeous setting and yummy food. The blue corn muffins are amazing. (

3. The Frontier - If you fly in or out of Albuquerque make sure you stop for breakfast at The Frontier. Oh my lordy. This dive is delish. Make sure you get a hot roll with toppings. (


Jen said...

Ooh, I wish Ritual Adornments had an online shop - I love stores like that! :)

Cassie said...

I loved Santa Fe when I visited there a few years ago. Lots of neat looking home in addition to, of course, all the neat shops. I bought this gorgeous (and pretty cheap) turquoise necklace that I absolutely adored, but I ended up losing it, which I'm still to this day upset about!

Jennifer said...

I couldn't afford any of the jewelry i liked but thankfully found an awesome turquoise ring half price at a pawn shop in downtown santa fe so i ended up with one thing!

macallsmith said...
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macallsmith said...

OMG. Because the hot rolls are amazing. Obvi.

Jasmin Alexia said...

i supported your blog's poppy project! happy growing! :)


Jennifer said...

Thanks Jasmin!