Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something Cool.

When I was younger I was obsessed with this science store near my house. One day I had my mind brine shrimp.

Yes, Brine Shrimp.

(let me say, I was planning an Iphone post today...but brine shrimp are way cooler)

My mind was blown by this:

the ecosphere - a completely self sustaining ecosystem

Man was I excited! A pet that I didn't have to take care of!

Unfortunately the poor shrimp died after i let the sphere get too much sun.

But don't worry! I got another one when I went to college!

ashleys apology...

See? There it is..up there on the shelf on the right hand corner in front of the picture frame.

Sadly, my shrimp did not survive the journey home after freshman year.

I am ready. Third time's a charm right? Plus they are SO cool!

and really pretty.

You can buy them at Brookstone, Target, and Amazon among other retailers.