Sunday, May 23, 2010

Now listening to..

New Playlist for Summer so far! So if you are looking for some new tunes check them out!

1. "Rain" - Patty Griffin Patty Griffin - A Kiss In Time - Rain
2. "Say Yes" - Snow Patrol Snow Patrol - Up to Now - Just Say Yes
3. "Summer Breeze" - Jason Mraz Jason Mraz - Everwood - Summer Breeze
4. "Cosmic Love" - Florence + The Machine Florence + The Machine - Lungs - Cosmic Love
5. "Hold onto Hope Love" - Amy Stroup Amy Stroup - Hold Onto Hope Love - Hold Onto Hope Love
6. "In the Colors" - Ben Harper Ben Harper - In the Colors - Single - In the Colors
7. "Storm" - Jose Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez - Live Session - EP - Storm
8. "Be This Way" - Perrin Lamb Perrin Lamb - Be This Way - Be This Way
9. "The House that Built Me" - Miranda Lambert Miranda Lambert - Revolution - The House That Built Me
10. "Love and Some Verses" - Iron & Wine Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days - Love and Some Verses
11. "Up on the Ridge" - Dierks Bentley Dierks Bentley - Up On the Ridge - Single - Up On the Ridge
12. "Hell on the Heart" - Eric Church Eric Church - Carolina - Hell On the Heart
13. "Carolina" - Eric Church Eric Church - Carolina - Carolina
14. "Gimmie That Girl" - Joe Nichols Joe Nichols - Old Things New (Bonus Track Version) - Gimmie That Girl

What are YOUR favorite songs for this summer so far?


Kelly said...

I LOVE "the House That Built Me". Great list...I will definately check some of those out.
So far I don't have any new summer songs that I love, but my old standby is "Summer Girl" by Jessica Andrews. Also, a bit of irony, the word verification for this post is "sommer"!

Viktoria said...

Hey and thanks for checking out my blog! Now it's my turn to leave a "hi" :)

Merecogirl said...

Kelly - I am in LOVE with Jessica Andrews, have been for years but i don't remember that song so i will download it immediately!

Hello Viktoria!

Amanda said...

You KNOW I don't like country music but I freaking love Eric Church's Carolina....omg!!! It's not much of a gym song but it's on my workout mix on the ipod, haha.