Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Hills is outta control.

After watching ep.2 of season 6, I am going..."uh WHAT?!" Here is a rundown in case you missed it. All photos courtesy

Heidi can't wait to show off her new body. (enter GAG here)

Kristin turns to her trusty drunken bartender/whore buddy Stacie for advice (Good call Kristen)

Heidi tells the partygoers that she wanted size H boobs but they wouldn't fit. H for heidi.
Oh god.
Oh and Spencer greets Kristin with a new crystal for her house.
Oh god.

Where the HELL did Ryan Cabrerra come from? And why is he wearing red pants?

Spencer makes Stephanie cry because he is a jackass.

Crystal wearing Spencer loses his shit and screams like a crazy little girl. Heidi sits by complacently as she is still "fragile" from her surgeries.

Spencer wears a tie dyed shirt and arrives at Charlies apartment and holds other crystals to his forehead.

Charlie, in a random moment of clarity and non-jackassness tells Spencer he has lost his mind and needs to get a grip. Thank you Charlie.

Are these people for real?


Kandice said...

In some moment of insanity (and boredom) on my part I watched this episode of The Hills - this being my first episode ever. Wow is all I can say. Spencer is a nutcase!

Kristen said...

bahahahahaha! I should have spent that 30 minutes doing something else as your breakdown is much more entertaining. These people are so worthless!!! Yet...I can't tear myself away! Sick!

Merecogirl said...

I love the absolute insanity this season! Kandice, you have to watch other seasons, Lauren was the best!