Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graduation Weekend Part II

Sunday was a blur. When I went to bed that night I asked myself "Did today really happen?" Meredith College really does graduation right. It was personal and meaningful and truly special. It helped that we were sat by major and so I was able to sit with the girls I had been in class with during college and since we were a very tight group, it was awesome that we all got to sit together!

I'm going to start with my favorite part: The procession!

Having never been to a Meredith graduation before I wasn't expecting to walk down the brick sidewalk and it be lined with all of the wonderful professors who had taught me, clapping and cheering for us. It's when the tears came.

Amazing! (Image from The News & Observer)

It was also really nice that my family was standing at the entrance to cheer me on! I blew them lots of kisses.

Like I said...I love these girls, we have too much fun.

My second favorite part: ACTUALLY GRADUATING! Video below:

Oh yea, and my brother graduated Sunday as well! (no we are not twins!)

And my grandmother was able to come which was GREAT!

Congrats to all of my MC sisters and all other new Grads!!

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