Sunday, May 9, 2010

Graduation Weekend Part I

The first part of graduation for Meredith College girls is Class Day. For those of you who don't know anything about Meredith, let me preface this post by saying that you will probably not understand this tradition. Here's how it goes. Well, first of all, as seniors, our little sis class is 2012. Our little sis class wakes up very early in the morning and makes a daisy chain that is daisy's tied to long ropes with Ivy. I mean, they really work hard on it.

This year, our senior class broke tradition by including roses in the daisy chain. This paid homage to the class of 1910 that used rambler roses instead of daisy's because they couldn't afford them. Plus we got to wear roses on our white dresses (oh yea, everyone wears white!)

The sophomores bring the chain, we sing to each other, we make a circle around the ampitheatre, sophomores bring daisy chains to make our class numbers. They leave, we hold hands then we run and tear the chains apart.

Like I said, confusing. Oh well! Here's some pictures!


Kelly said...

That actually seems really fun and a lot more special than the same old nasty black polyester robes eveyone else wears. Congrats on graduating and welcome to the "real" world!

Amanda said...

LOVE the dress! Congrats again...looks like it was a wonderful day :)

Merecogirl said...

Thanks girls! Kelly - Don't worry I still had to wear the black robe..and it was sweltering!

angela said...

That sounds really cool and I love your dresses! It almost makes me wish I'd gone to a smaller, older school with traditions like that!

Merecogirl said...

angela - It was very sweet and special. I went to a bigger public university before this and it is a completely different experience!