Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eff you Embassy Suites Kingston Plantation

An open letter to Hilton -

I love the Embassy Suites Kingston Plantation, It is beautiful and the beds are comfy and there are good drinks at the poolside bar (hello mango madness!), but I have a problem. That problem is your internet usage policy for your customers. When I tried to access the internet from my personal computer from the comfort of my bed this is what I found...

The screencap is a bit blurry so i'll help you out...They want me to pay $9.95 for 24 hours of internet usage.

Well Hilton, just who do you think you are? Since you seem to think that charging $200 a night for the hotel room wasn't enough, you feel the need to charge people for internet? Are you serious? Motel 6 gives free internet. Holiday Inn express gives free internet. You are telling me that at an Embassy Suites I have to PAY for internet. You must be out of your damn mind! Being here for four days its costing me $39.80 to be able to use the internet. This is so absurd that i'm not sure words can adequately express how absurd it is.

Oh - and my brother has a computer. Does the $9.95 cover him too? NOPE! It's per computer. So together we are paying roughly $80.00. FOR THE INTERNET. AT A RESORT.

So EFF you Hilton, eff you. I hope you have fun rolling in my hard earned money.

You are a greedy little bitch Hilton, and I'm not talking about Paris.

"Tee Hee, Look at what I bought with the money you paid for internet!"


Kelly said...

Do they have a conference center? Sometimes if you sit outside the conference rooms you can get free internet.

Merecogirl said...

Unfortunately that doesn't work at this hotel. They have a room with computers that you can use, but I only want to use my laptop in my bed so that doesn't help me much!

Nicole said...

Booooo! Thats SUCKS! Even the Travelodge has FREE internet!! What the heck!?