Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day.

A few of my favorite men.

Major Ronnie Dale Short - Army Medical (Vietnam)

Corporal Eugene Dellinger Modlin - Army Aircorp (WWII)

1st Lt. Ellis S. Byers - Killed in Action 2/14/45 (WWII Europe)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Check it out!

Make sure you head over to The Pioneer Woman for the "Coming Home" photo's. Nothing gets me crying like troops coming home! They are truly touching.

Click HERE

Monday, May 24, 2010

Things I Dig

1. Outlets - In the past month I have been to three outlets in two states. I may have an addiction. My favorite spots are Gap, Banana Republic & J Crew for jewelry and Ann Taylor for work clothes. If you haven't visited your local outlets should. The end.

2. Fun summer nail polish. My favorite is OPI's "Shorts Story"

3. Fun headbands. I can never find appropriate places to wear them but I continue to buy them. Someday, I figure, I will wear them all. I like this one on sale @ Ann Taylor.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Now listening to..

New Playlist for Summer so far! So if you are looking for some new tunes check them out!

1. "Rain" - Patty Griffin Patty Griffin - A Kiss In Time - Rain
2. "Say Yes" - Snow Patrol Snow Patrol - Up to Now - Just Say Yes
3. "Summer Breeze" - Jason Mraz Jason Mraz - Everwood - Summer Breeze
4. "Cosmic Love" - Florence + The Machine Florence + The Machine - Lungs - Cosmic Love
5. "Hold onto Hope Love" - Amy Stroup Amy Stroup - Hold Onto Hope Love - Hold Onto Hope Love
6. "In the Colors" - Ben Harper Ben Harper - In the Colors - Single - In the Colors
7. "Storm" - Jose Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez - Live Session - EP - Storm
8. "Be This Way" - Perrin Lamb Perrin Lamb - Be This Way - Be This Way
9. "The House that Built Me" - Miranda Lambert Miranda Lambert - Revolution - The House That Built Me
10. "Love and Some Verses" - Iron & Wine Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days - Love and Some Verses
11. "Up on the Ridge" - Dierks Bentley Dierks Bentley - Up On the Ridge - Single - Up On the Ridge
12. "Hell on the Heart" - Eric Church Eric Church - Carolina - Hell On the Heart
13. "Carolina" - Eric Church Eric Church - Carolina - Carolina
14. "Gimmie That Girl" - Joe Nichols Joe Nichols - Old Things New (Bonus Track Version) - Gimmie That Girl

What are YOUR favorite songs for this summer so far?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eff you Embassy Suites Kingston Plantation

An open letter to Hilton -

I love the Embassy Suites Kingston Plantation, It is beautiful and the beds are comfy and there are good drinks at the poolside bar (hello mango madness!), but I have a problem. That problem is your internet usage policy for your customers. When I tried to access the internet from my personal computer from the comfort of my bed this is what I found...

The screencap is a bit blurry so i'll help you out...They want me to pay $9.95 for 24 hours of internet usage.

Well Hilton, just who do you think you are? Since you seem to think that charging $200 a night for the hotel room wasn't enough, you feel the need to charge people for internet? Are you serious? Motel 6 gives free internet. Holiday Inn express gives free internet. You are telling me that at an Embassy Suites I have to PAY for internet. You must be out of your damn mind! Being here for four days its costing me $39.80 to be able to use the internet. This is so absurd that i'm not sure words can adequately express how absurd it is.

Oh - and my brother has a computer. Does the $9.95 cover him too? NOPE! It's per computer. So together we are paying roughly $80.00. FOR THE INTERNET. AT A RESORT.

So EFF you Hilton, eff you. I hope you have fun rolling in my hard earned money.

You are a greedy little bitch Hilton, and I'm not talking about Paris.

"Tee Hee, Look at what I bought with the money you paid for internet!"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If you dislike Obama..

..then okay. I don't have to agree with you. Actually, i'm glad that you at least have an opinion. I may not share your views but I certainly don't go around posting ignorant facebook status'...

perfect example:

Since I don't know the person that posted this very well, I felt this should be a blog post, not a facebook wall fight with a bunch of people that piss me off.

My response? Well just this morning I was thinking how much I wished the United States was like North Korea, China, Iraq and Afghanistan! I mean those countries are SO wonderful. I mean you don't have to wear a bulletproof jacket to ANY of them! All the freedoms of the United States is SO lame, I mean who wants to live somewhere where all people, whether illegal or not aren't treated like garbage and are treated like human beings! How dumb right?

Readers, If you disagree with me, that's okay, I still like you a lot. But saying how US policy is so dumb because we don't kill illegal immigrants or lock them up in prisons is ridiculous. Even more disturbing are how many people agreed with this guy!!Align Center

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graduation Weekend Part II

Sunday was a blur. When I went to bed that night I asked myself "Did today really happen?" Meredith College really does graduation right. It was personal and meaningful and truly special. It helped that we were sat by major and so I was able to sit with the girls I had been in class with during college and since we were a very tight group, it was awesome that we all got to sit together!

I'm going to start with my favorite part: The procession!

Having never been to a Meredith graduation before I wasn't expecting to walk down the brick sidewalk and it be lined with all of the wonderful professors who had taught me, clapping and cheering for us. It's when the tears came.

Amazing! (Image from The News & Observer)

It was also really nice that my family was standing at the entrance to cheer me on! I blew them lots of kisses.

Like I said...I love these girls, we have too much fun.

My second favorite part: ACTUALLY GRADUATING! Video below:

Oh yea, and my brother graduated Sunday as well! (no we are not twins!)

And my grandmother was able to come which was GREAT!

Congrats to all of my MC sisters and all other new Grads!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Graduation Weekend Part I

The first part of graduation for Meredith College girls is Class Day. For those of you who don't know anything about Meredith, let me preface this post by saying that you will probably not understand this tradition. Here's how it goes. Well, first of all, as seniors, our little sis class is 2012. Our little sis class wakes up very early in the morning and makes a daisy chain that is daisy's tied to long ropes with Ivy. I mean, they really work hard on it.

This year, our senior class broke tradition by including roses in the daisy chain. This paid homage to the class of 1910 that used rambler roses instead of daisy's because they couldn't afford them. Plus we got to wear roses on our white dresses (oh yea, everyone wears white!)

The sophomores bring the chain, we sing to each other, we make a circle around the ampitheatre, sophomores bring daisy chains to make our class numbers. They leave, we hold hands then we run and tear the chains apart.

Like I said, confusing. Oh well! Here's some pictures!