Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ummm..oh yea I graduate next week.

So yea. I am used to flipping through my calendar to you know..see what's next. Well lo and behold penciled into next friday was "graduation practice 3pm" and then on saturday was "Class Day 4pm" then on SUNDAY was "GRADUATION". Um what?

Oh and how I have not posted these I do not know. The fabulous Kellie Lynne Deaton shot some senior photos of the bro and I since we are graduating. The same day. Two hours apart. (and no, we are not twins...I took 6 years and he took 4!) Here are some of my favorites!

Joe's Major is Advertising...Mine is Social Work

Alice in Wonderland is a tradition at MC

Shot @ the Meredith College Amphitheater

I thought I was going to fall flat on my face.

Our Onyx class rings are kind of a big deal. Like a real big deal.

Thanks so much to Kellie! If you live in the area and need some photos done, call her up! She listened to my double chin phobia and my flat hair phobia and was a lot of fun to work with.


Kelly said...

Congrats on the graduation! I didn't realize it at the time, but it really is a huge accomplishment and so worth it. Do you have anything lined up after graduation?

Kandice said...

Congratulations Jen! I can't believe graduation is coming up so fast - how exciting (and awful for me, I'm horrified it's been a year since my graduation)! And I LOVE the last photo from inside Johnson Hall. I must have missed in on FB but it's fabulous!

Merecogirl said...

Thanks ladies! I have a part time job lined up and still interviewing for full-time positions. Kandice- It seems like so much longer than a year since you graduated! I miss you!

Beth and Marley said...

Just started reading your blog! It's lovely! Congrats on the upcoming graduation and the photos are fantastic!

Merecogirl said...

Thank you beth!