Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recent Foodspiration

Chocolate Pavlova with Candied Kumquats From: Honey and Jam

Garlic, Rosemary and Olive Oil Snack from : Eating is Art

Homemade Vanilla Extract from: Tasty Kitchen

Blueberries and Milk From: Honey and Jam

Blackberries From: Eating is Art

Tortillas with fresh yogurt and strawberries From: Simply Breakfast

Toast with Ricotta and Honey from: 3191 (I think)

Pistachio's From: Honey and Jam

Are you hungry yet?


Natasha said...

I found your blog through 20SB. The food looks so good!

LAURA!!! said...

ooo these are great. very inspiring! perhaps I could lay food out in a civilized, pretty manner, rather than just shoving it in my face... there's a thought! foodspiration indeed!