Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hellur Tuesday!

**I am so tired that I actually thought today was Tuesday. Just so you know, I caught this...ummm like 15 minutes later**

Today was a long day. A very long pollen filled day. This morning I had the second round of interviewing for what I think is only my dream job as a mere undergrad degree holder ( a few weeks). I met with five people today. I met with five people for five different hours. By the last interviewer, I was wiped. I could no longer hold my smile and come up with witty intelligent answers to their questions. Did I mention there is a shiz ton of pollen around here? Did I also mention that it makes my head feel about to explode?
After leaving the (FIVE) hour interview, I went immediately to work until 5. Then I went immediately to school. Now I am going immediately to bed. I only have one wish for tomorrow.

RAIN! (this pollen needs washed away!)

Just a side note...Were you people aware that pollen is tree sperm? I mean really, I just love coming home with my feet covered in tree sperm. All I can think every time I breathe in is this fact. It's horrible. Just. Horrible.

An example of a product I am actually thinking might be a good idea at this point. And isn't that just sad? Oh lordy I need some sleep.

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