Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blogs I Dig...

It's time for an updated blog list! Here are some newbies (to me, not them) that i'm loving.

1. Oh Joy! -A mish mash of things I love

2. Savory Sweet Life - For the foodies

3. Happiness Is... - A lovely inspiration blog

4. MadeByGirl - Interior design

5. 100 Layer Cake - Wedding, Inspiration, BEAUTIFUL pictures

6. Young House Love - Design, suggested by my dear friend Kelly Howell

7. The Oatmeal - Not a blog, but hilarious website

8. Erin Vey Photography - Dog photographer...definitely a pick me up

9. Once Wed - Wedding, great ideas and photography

10. Absolutely Beautiful Things - Design, Inspiration

Since my Monday Flowers were pretty weak, Here is a make up..


Amanda said...

I think your link is wrong for the Once Wed one...found it on google. lOVE, LOVE blogs!! They give me something other to do than facebook which makes me insane! Thanks for sharing..let me know if you have any other favorites!

Sam said...

I love MadeByGirl :)

Merecogirl said...

Oh thanks Amanda, I think I fixed it now!

Sam- MadeByGirl is amazing!