Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Were They Thinking?

For those of you blessed with skinny thighs and non-jiggly arms, you may be unaware of the big girl plight to find clothing that is decent. Being a fan of the amazingness that is forever 21, I was SO excited for their plus size line faith 21. While forever 21 sells some wacky stuff, they have a lot that is very nice and classy looking. The Faith21 line started off well-enough, but now, oh my. I am left wondering, "what in god's name are these people thinking?!" My main issue is with the skirts, dresses and pants. Here are some examples.

Cutout leggings? Like we need any more of our cellulite to show?

This skirt could work if you were a size 2, but you still would look like a street walker.

The goal here? To scare small children because they think my thighs are a wild animal about to attack them.

Oh. My. Lord. This doesn't even look good on the model. Literally, put a bra on hooker. And ladies, do NOT wear this.

I am all for women wearing what they want, and I know that some plus sized women might take offense saying "Just cause I'm big doesn't mean I can't dress sexy!". Here is what I have to say to you: dressing like this is how you end up on "What Not to Wear".

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Amanda said...

Wow...sounds like someone's idea of a joke!!! They do have some crazy stuff on there sometimes, though..