Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things I Dig...

Racetrack Hats! You Kentucky Derby? I would go just because I love the hats and dresses and shoes...and horses.

Above: Kentucky Derby Barbie...LOVE!
Below: Actual hat inspired by Kentucky Derby Barbie

Noticing a trend yet? I love flowery things if you couldn't tell.

This hat isn't really derby..but too crazy to not include.


Kristen said...

I wore a hat very similar to the last one back in 72 when I was a bridesmaid for a friend. The only difference is that the flowers were fruit! My hat got very close to the candles and the preacher could hardly do the service for wondering if I was going to catch on fire! I guess some things never go out of style?

Nikki said...

The last comment was made by Nikki, but I don't really know how to change it! The 72 probably let you know it was not Kristen.

Merecogirl said...

HA! Nikki...i was wondering about the 72! That is too funny, I cannot believe they had you wear a hat with fruit! Glad you didn't catch fire!