Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shrimp and Grits Attempt Numero Uno

Seriously, I have high expectations for shrimp'n'grits ya'll. My lovely friend Amanda has this great fiancee who makes the best shrimp and grits EVER. Well, like most men who cook, he doesn't really have a recipe. While waiting to hear from him, I decided to look up some recipe's online. Honestly, mistake. I should have been more patient and waited for instructions. The family said they liked it, but I knew it wasn't as good as the REAL recipe. So for now this is all you get. Sorry. Also, grits are freaking hard as heck to cook! The first time I burned them, and the second time they turned out lumpy. This shrimp and grits thing is harder than I thought.

In closing, I'm not giving you the recipe yet until I get it right, just so as to not steer you wrong dear readers. But here is something to make you look forward to it.

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Amanda said...

Guess that means you'll have to come back to Charleston so he can make you some more!!! :) And take you out on the boat, of course.