Monday, March 29, 2010

Phi Alpha Inductions

For those of you who don't know (and i'm assuming that is pretty much everyone who reads this blog) Phi Alpha is the honor society for Social Work. This past Sunday three lovely ladies were inducted and there was a small get together at our professor's home.

Mostly, I home stalked the entire time. Her house is AMAZING. Older home in a historic neighborhood near downtown Raleigh with lots of original woodwork and details. It was basically my dream home. So first I'm going to give some pics of this home and then some very special people.

Fresh lemonade and tea in vintage glasses? shut up.

Okay now for the people...

Emily, Jamie, Alisha

This is Jamie Rice, Isn't she cute? She house stalked with me.

This is Emily and her boyfriend Sam. Is her skin not to die for? She also loves Whole Foods.

This is Alisha. She is hilarious.

This is Sholonda and Lacey. They planned the event and did a FABULOUS job.

It was a lovely afternoon.

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Emily H. said...

I feel famous now that I'm in your fabulous blog!