Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few things...

Happy Thursday! As Robin Robert's says "only one more alarm clock this week"

(from someone's blog who I don't remember)

First, let's just talk about how gorgeous Caroline is. Candace and Jeff and Caroline had a little photo shoot and a very small sampling is on the photographers blog. Check it out and let your baby hormones go crazy because girl is stinkin' cute. Those eyes! Those EYELASHES! Oh my goodness.

Click Here! (scroll down past the first picture)

Secondly, If you aren't watching the show Parenthood or Parks and Recreation, you are seriously missing out. Set your DVR immediately.

Thirdly, I want to introduce you to the greatest iphone app ever created. Jtv. I visit this site everyday when I want some background noise or want to watch my fave shows on repeat. Users (illegally) stream video of movies, shows (like the office, the big bang theory, history, food) and NOW you can watch it on your iphone! Heaven!


Lastly, can we talk about how amazing this wedding invite is?

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