Saturday, February 13, 2010

100 Years.

Friday was a celebration of 100 years of the greatest basketball program in the country...that's right, UNC baby. A few months ago we attended the alumni pro exhibition game which was amazing (I mean really, how can it not be when you have Michael Jordan?) This game was much more focused on history of the program with players from most seasons, even a player from the 1940 team who was in surprisingly great shape! They did a good job of keeping it interesting with interviews and videos, the best of which is the 100 year video listed later in the post. WATCH IT!

We got there REALLY early, so the stands were mostly empty. Also, Joe
hates having his picture taken possibly more than anything in the world. It took
15 tries to get this picture.

See? Told you.

Mike, Jane, Michael, Brooke

Mom and Dad

Above: Program for the night
Below: The returning players

The video that had the arena in tears

Above: Coaches tribute (Dean Smith, Roy Williams, Bill Guthridge)
Below: Eric Montross interviewing Jamison and Ellington

Below: Players at center court with coaches

Upon leaving the Dean Dome, it was SNOWING. Now guys, this was absolutely the closet thing you can get to a perfect snow. Yea, driving home was kind of treacherous, but it was beautiful and the next day, was gone off the roads!

Since it is Valentine's Day tomorrow, let me say I love you!

P.S. Birthday is Wednesday!

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