Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Winner Is....

The Dansko Merrie Clog!!

My back is screaming with joy! Mary-Jane-ish with cute cutouts and pretty comfy (lots of arch support) Of course only a full day of walking in these puppies will prove their value but i'm really hoping they do the trick!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shoes... (duh!)

Can we talk about how stinking cute these becky flats from lucky brand are? I probably couldn't wear them due to toe cleavage, but they are great eye candy.

I am on the subject of shoes because I need some good ones. Not cute ones or fancy ones, GOOD ONES. I have been wearing $12 flats from target for the past two months at work. While these shoes are perfect for boppin' around on the weekends, they fail miserably for walking around a nursing home all day long (miles people, miles). Therefore, I am on the hunt for some shoes that I won't wear holes in and that don't make me want to chop my feet off after 8 hours. I bring you, therefore, my two options.

1. Dansko - 90% of their shoes are hideous, but they are made well and there is one style that doesn't make my eyes bleed...the marcelle style.

Kind of like mary janes...right? right guys?

2. SAS clogs - My mom has worn these shoes for years and this is who she is pulling for.

I think I might have just thrown up in my mouth a little bit. But really, these shoes are better looking in person.

Well, it's gonna come down to fit folks. I'm going to go try these shoes on this weekend and hopefully we will have a winner...stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elementary School Cupcakes

Do you guys ever get a craving for elementary school cupcakes? And by that I mean the straight out of the box cake with straight out of the can icing? Man, I did the other day so I had to make some.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Black and White Revisited

My grandfather and grandmother were both teachers in Lincolnton for many years. After his death last december, we found out that the local high school was dedicating their football season to him. This picture was taken at that dedication ceremony, on a cool rainy football day. My grandmother was in tears most of the time, but really broke down on the way out, which is when I took this photo. I wanted to get her raw emotion, not because she was crying but because you could see on her face the pain she was feeling and it was kind of beautiful. At first, I was disappointed that the picture didn't capture her eyes, but after further thought, you can see it in her mouth, and her face and you know what she is feeling even without seeing the tears in her eyes.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Pretties..

It's been a dreary Monday here in NC, but these flowers make me happy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Salted-Caramel Hot Chocolate + Birthday

I haven't been cooking recently, I think the business of work and school has greatly hindered my domestication. HOWEVER, I did attempt to re-create the Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. They had it on the menu last winter but decided to not bring it back...BUMMER! This stuff was SO stinking good. I liked this recipe, although I am going to be looking for a different caramel recipe. The good thing about this caramel is that you can store it in the freezer and use it way more than one time. I'll let alice give you the recipe since she has awesome pics! I need some of those clear glasses!

I definitely had an interesting birthday this year. I got rear-ended on my way to work. The plus side was that I got to miss work, the bad side was that I spent the day laying on a heating pad and speaking with insurance companies. Joe got me three of the Penguin Classic books (as featured in a previous post), Mom and Dad got me a new camera lens (close-ups FINALLY!) and a PS3. Yea, it's pretty weird, but I watched a friend play it and it looked really fun so why not? I look forward to trying to improve my hand - eye coordination.

This is the only wrapping paper my brother and his roommates is whiskey bottles,
and showed up in their mail one day.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

100 Years.

Friday was a celebration of 100 years of the greatest basketball program in the country...that's right, UNC baby. A few months ago we attended the alumni pro exhibition game which was amazing (I mean really, how can it not be when you have Michael Jordan?) This game was much more focused on history of the program with players from most seasons, even a player from the 1940 team who was in surprisingly great shape! They did a good job of keeping it interesting with interviews and videos, the best of which is the 100 year video listed later in the post. WATCH IT!

We got there REALLY early, so the stands were mostly empty. Also, Joe
hates having his picture taken possibly more than anything in the world. It took
15 tries to get this picture.

See? Told you.

Mike, Jane, Michael, Brooke

Mom and Dad

Above: Program for the night
Below: The returning players

The video that had the arena in tears

Above: Coaches tribute (Dean Smith, Roy Williams, Bill Guthridge)
Below: Eric Montross interviewing Jamison and Ellington

Below: Players at center court with coaches

Upon leaving the Dean Dome, it was SNOWING. Now guys, this was absolutely the closet thing you can get to a perfect snow. Yea, driving home was kind of treacherous, but it was beautiful and the next day, was gone off the roads!

Since it is Valentine's Day tomorrow, let me say I love you!

P.S. Birthday is Wednesday!

Friday, February 12, 2010


It has been a WEEK (almost) since my last post. Oh my goodness. Don't fret, this will be corrected tomorrow!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Recent Inspiration

(above from High Street Market)

I've started saving pictures that I like, sometimes it is the picture itself and other times it is the subject of the photo, or colors in the photo. Anyways, these are a mishmash from blogs, random people's facebook pictures and anything and everything. I can't give photo credit since I don't remember where these all came from, but clearly, they are not my photos.

Above: a beautiful bedroom
Below: i love the colors in the painting

A Vintage Blown Milk Glass Bowl (also from High Street Market)

Below: great composition, beautiful photo

Above: awesome wooden ceiling

Finally a gorgeous photo featured here

Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Playlist

Guys, if you read this playlist, you may think I have bipolar disorder. Well, I don't (i think), but my playlists usually blend alot of different types of music and I also do my playlists by month. It's interesting to go back and see what I was listening to at a certain point as it usually mirrors or reflects what was going on in my life. Anyways some of this stuff is GOOD so I thought I would share. Um also, this is the order that I play it, I don't know, It works for me!

1. Baby By Me - 50 cent
2. Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
3. TiK ToK - Ke$ha
4. Empire State of Mind - Jay-z feat. Alicia Keys
5. Russian Roulette - Rihanna
6. Got it On - G Block
7. I'm not your Boyfriend Baby - 3OH!3
8. American Honey - Lady Antebellum
9. Need you Now - Lady Antebellum
10. Snowfall - Ingrid Michaelson
11. The Chain - Ingrid Michaelson
12. Feeling Good - My Brightest Diamond
13. Cello Song - The Books
14. Hey Soul Sister - Train
15. Moth Wings - Passion Pit
16. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit

Ok - I gave you the whole list, but I want to point out what I think are the BEST and that you HAVE to check out.

1. American Honey - Lady Antebellum: I truly think that Lady Antebellum is one of the best country groups out there. I love the lyrics of this song! Classic chick song.

2. The Chain (Ingrid Michaelson) - Holy cow, I have loved Ingrid Michaelson's music for awhile now, and this song is one of my favorites. The live versions are also slammin'.

3. Feeling Good (My Brightest Diamond) - Gospel meets Blues meets Musical...At least listen until the music picks up around the minute mark. Listen to this on your way home, I dare to not to start jamming out.

4. Moth Wings (Passion Pit) - This song was featured on "Big Love" and I really dig it.

5. Sleepyhead (Passion Pit) - This is my new FAVORITE SONG. It makes me happy, and it will make you happy too.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm in Love with an Intro

No Joke, I am OBSESSED with the intro's to Big Love (HBO). This first intro had my favorite song and make me feel like taking a nice relaxing nap. The looks on the faces, the simpleness, I love it. So image my horror when I discovered they made a NEW INTRO. I was aghast. Unsure of what to do, I watched with angry eyes. But then...miraculously, I started to dig it. Sure it is much darker than the first, but oh my gosh I will watch it on replay. Even if I hated the show (which I don't), I would watch just for the opening credits. The new intro makes me want to cry and oh my gosh when the music swells, I think my heart gets a little bigger. And how can we ignore the play to DaVinci at the last second?! Genius!

Here is the old intro:

And the new: